• A partnership is in trouble while it is heading up the media for one of the candidates during 2016 Presidential Election – it becomes about the money real quick.
  • One of the world’s largest family partnerships of coffee growers, sugarcane, hotels, and condos are arguing so intensely; and they have hired the top consultants in the world to help straighten things out, and NOTHING seems to be working, and the riot police are involved, it becomes about the money real quick.
  • A once very successful actor, who was on the show ER for 14 years, hasn’t worked in way TOO longit becomes about the money real quick.
  • One of the partners of the largest green, sustainable commercial builders in the world is $400,000 in debt to the company is about to be fired, and he has a considerable overhead and family to feed, it becomes about the money real quick.
  • You are successful and seasoned, but something’s nagging at you. You know this isn’t all there is. You know you aren’t living up to your full potential. Even more, you know there’s something more for you to contribute to the world, it becomes about the money real quick. How will you provide value to others and become socially responsible?

You get where I am going with all of this…

When I take on a new client, I ask myself, “How can I guide this business into becoming the best, most productive and financially healthy in the world? What needs to be ‘cleaned up’ so that they may deliver results with their unique products and talents?” Moreover, how can I help them to become more socially responsible?

If your company is hemorrhaging cash, money is not moving; deals are not closing, you have no idea what the business should create next or if you have merely ‘been there and done that’ chances ARE you are NOT EVEN THINKING OF THINGS like social responsibility.

I love helping businesses become more lucrative and contribute in the way they intended, I love it. I love working with money and numbers.

WHY? I love what money propels in a business when it earns more than ever thought possible.

Why? The more solvent and lucrative a business is, the more the owner and its partners may be creative. And if it is all managed well, the more these individuals are free. Free to be who they are and free to give more in the areas they are most passionate.

The psychology of MONEY is your chemical makeup.

In the financial arena, the numbers are the interpretation of value. Even if your businesses are netting a profit of 10 million and you want to gross 12 million but, there always seems to be a stumbling block, and you miss the mark. There is a reason behind this.

Numbers are not emotional but, it is the emotion or feeling that you project onto those numbers that make them what they appear to be.

If you, your partners, your employees are distracted in some way, the hard-wiring that is causing these certain chemicals to flow; IS what is keeping you in the same ‘thinking feedback loop’ without even knowing it.

What do I mean by ‘same thinking feedback loop’? The bullet points listed above – it’s not the first time that these circumstances have happened, it’s a pattern. That pattern just gets bigger.

How do I know it? The circumstances become substantial, and the consequences are even more significant.

When I first speak with someone, I get into the back-end of the company. I want to know your numbers. I want to know precisely where all stands. That way success is measurable and quantifiable.

What do numbers tell me?

1) Lack of clarity with them results in a lack of clarity across the board in business.

2) Avoidance of numbers, things get avoided – in other words, you attract in ‘avoidance’ in your business – loss of opportunities.

3) People pleaser, caretaking of your business associates that are not holding up their end of the bargain, somewhere there will be debt – and it can be the kind of debt associated with the descriptions above.

4) I find that if an individual, business or company has stopped growing, inventing and creating new platforms, personally as well as, professionally, the numbers get stuck.

DISTRACTION (in particular with relationships) IS A DEBT – TO YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS. That distraction, whether personally or professional, may appear in the form of ‘hiding behind someone’, obsessing about a partner, arguing, take care of, or not being truthful with who you are and your intentions.

For example, one of my clients was one of the Partners for Aardex. A sustainable green commercial developing company; who built hospitals and intuitions out of green material.

I worked with the owner because one of his projects was stuck. It was a hospital project, a multi-million-dollar catastrophe, and he couldn’t figure out why. It was also, in the media. It was the first time; their name was tarnished. I won’t go into the detail of it but, the bottom line, the partner overseeing this project was ‘hiding a lot’ of personal information. Therefore, he attracted ‘hidden circumstances,’ that affected the business, no mystery a multi-million-dollar mess – the numbers don’t lie.

Secondly the owner is one of the most honest and straightforward people I’ve ever met; however, he ‘took care of’ partners a bit too much. For example, I found out there was a partner that was on the verge of being fired because he was $400,000 in debt to the company – the numbers don’t lie.

I met the partner and convinced the owner to allow me to work with him, I identified what pattern caused him to ‘snag chemically.’ The bottom line, he swore he would never become like his father, a white-collar worker, his passion was extreme skiing; and here he was doing what he swore he would never do. He was hugely self-debting and it showed up in the numbers.

Once I uncovered all of this and fired up the neural-nets of extreme skiing, within six weeks of working together, he was scheduled to close between 4.2 million to 7 million on his deals. His deals closed at five million, paid the company back and bought the company from the owner. He owns it to this day.

After he bought the company, he curtailed it to better suit his needs. Now he gets to do both, extreme ski and earn money doing what he loves to do.

4) If there is an addiction to substances, to lying through omission, or not being true to yourself, the company may be extremely lucrative BUT, the company will ‘feel off.’ Therefore attracting more ‘off’ experiences, and this may happen BOTH personally and professionally.

After, targeting what’s stopped the cash flow by identifying where the pattern starts, I am easily able to quickly turn things around and get into the invention and development phase.

Leaping over limits and growing beyond what you thought possible is exhilarating!


Because you have an entirely new chemical flow, that feels otherworldly.

It is – otherworldly – it is your FUTURE WORLD.