When I take on a new client, I ask myself, “How can I guide this business into becoming the best, most productive and financially healthy in the world? What needs to be ‘cleaned up’ so that they may deliver peak performance results with their unique products and talents?”

Educating myself and participating in different industries allows me to have a global perspective that helps me to turnaround, invent and develop a new and unique product(s) for you, that has never been created before. And I study the stock market.

The stock market gives a good representation of the entire world at any given moment, That representation are thoughts that are coming from a ‘bulk’ of individuals, which is energy/atomic energy. That ‘bulk’ or cluster allows me to know on a grand scale what that emanation is going to ‘attract in’ and how that will possibly affect my client, on many levels.

I am aware of trends and ‘seeming trends’. And how your business may impact and be impacted by what is happening in the world. I ‘see’ things from many different perspectives, which helps me to help you in preparing for events and people. 

It’s empowering to assimilate information quickly, learn the new business that I am working with, and combine it with my studies of the stock market.

I love helping a business build wealth, I love it. Whether it be a Hedge Fund Manager, to a family business or green l commercial sustainable developers that build hospitals and government institutions. I love working with money and numbers. I love what money propels in a business when it earns more than ever thought possible. Why? It’s fun being wealthy and having a global impact.

The more solvent and lucrative a business is, the more the owner and its partners may be creative. And if it is all managed well, the more these individuals are free. Free to be who they are and free to give more in the areas they are most passionate about. Also, free to travel, educate, have fun and explore all that this world has to offer. You got one life, you get to live it!

The psychology of Money is just your chemical makeup.

The more I studied the psychology of money, the more fascinated I became with numbers, I understand how money is a reflection of our own neurological hard-wiring.

Period. It’s a reflection of value. How much do you value yourself and your passions?

In the financial arena, the numbers are the interpretation of value and self-worth. Even if your businesses are netting a profit of a 100 million and you want to net 125 million but, there always seems to be a block and you miss the mark. There is a reason behind this.

Numbers are not emotional but, it is the emotion or feeling that we project onto those numbers that make them what they are, I love that. it is the hard-wiring that is causing a certain chemical flow to happen that is keeping you in the same ‘thinking feedback loop’ without even knowing it.

How can you not know it?

Because the body is running the show, it will have you attract in events, people, and circumstances that will cause you to think in a certain way, so it can get a chemical hit off of the result of that thinking process.

I LOVE working with brilliant minds, I LOVE business and I LOVE numbers. The numbers don’t lie.

This is my general outline when working with a new client. I am very specific and methodical in the steps but, my process is more gestalt not linear.

When I first speak with someone, I get into the back-end of the company, I want to know your numbers. I want to know exactly where all stands. That way our success is measurable and quantifiable.

From there, I evaluate you, pinpoint blocks and deliver a diagnosis that results in solutions and measurable financial results. Issues that may perplex business experts and consultants, I determine with lightning speed and accuracy, saving the company time and millions. THAT is exciting! I love seeing the numbers progress. As we move forward, I work alongside with you and your partners in creating a new platform.

What do numbers tell me?

1) Lack of clarity with them results in lack of clarity across the board in business.

2) Avoidance of numbers, things get avoided, partners are not paid their share, and/or they lose opportunities.

3) If you are a people pleaser or caretaker of your business associates, and they are not holding up their end of the bargain, somewhere there will be debt. For example, one of my clients was one of the Partners for Aardex the largest commercial sustainable green builders in the world. They built hospitals and intuitions out of green material.

I worked with the owner because one of his projects was stuck. It was a hospital and a multi-million-dollar catastrophe, and he couldn’t figure out why. It was also, in the media. It was the first time; their name had ever been tarnished. I won’t go into the detail of it but, the bottom line, the partner overseeing this project was ‘hiding a lot’ of personal information. Therefore, he was attracting in things that were hidden, no mystery a multi-million-dollar mess – the numbers don’t lie.

Secondly the owner is one of the most honest and straight forward people I’ve ever met; however, he ‘took care of’ partners a bit too much. For example, I found out there was a partner that was on the verge of being fired because he was $400,000 in debt to the company – the numbers don’t lie.

We worked together, I identified exactly what had him snagged chemically. The bottom line, he swore he would never become like his father, a white-collar worker, his passion was extreme skiing and here he was doing what he swore he would never do. He was hugely self-debting. Once I tapped into all of this, fired up the neuronets of extreme skiing, within six weeks of working together, he was scheduled to close between 4.2 million to 7 million on his deals. He closed at five million, paid the company back and bought the company from the owner. Now he gets to do both, extreme ski and earn money doing what he loves to do. After he bought the company, he curtailed it to better suit his needs.

4) If there is an addiction to substances or an addiction to lying through omission or not being true to yourself, the company may be extremely lucrative but, the company will ‘feel off’ therefore attract in more ‘off’ experiences. Experiences that are not in alignment with why you originally wanted to create the business, to begin with, it will get reflected in the numbers.

Once I target specifically what’s stopped the cash flow and identify where the pattern started, I am easily able to quickly turn things around and get into the invention and development part.

My set of skills and abilities have developed and expanded rapidly over these past few years. I am very passionate about creating new and expansive platforms with my clients, creating new possibilities that have never even been dreamt.

It’s surreal leaping over ‘limits’ and growing where you’ve never been before! And it feels exciting.


Because you have an entirely new chemical flow, that feels otherworldly.

It isother worldly – it is your FUTURE WORLD!



For over two decades, business professionals and corporate specialist seek Monique’s counsel. Her expertise and precise insights; in the ability to turnaround, invent and develop new platforms, no matter how extreme the situation may initially appear to be, is extraordinary.

Monique evaluates CEO’s, CFO’s, CMO’s and partners with uncharacteristic precision, and uncanny insight. She uses her laser-sharp abilities to identify barriers to success, delivers spot-on diagnoses, which result in optimum solutions, increases in revenue and capital.

Issues that have perplexed financial experts and consultants for years, Monique determines with lightning speed and accuracy, saving and earning companies hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions.  Helping people to thrive is one of her greatest pleasures in life.

Monique’s no-nonsense style helps businesses become more lucrative. In helping others to expand and become wildly successful; they get to become more of who they are; resulting in the world becoming a much better and fun place to live.