Monique Guild Business Futurist Strategist Business Turnaround Specialist


I can see what has happened to a person earlier in life. In addition, I see where their strengths are, what they are capable of and we work together to turn it all around.” — Monique Guild, satellite office WSJ, Norway

Monique Guild, Founder, and Creator of the Intuitive Goal™ are changing the way industries do business.

Featured on NBC News, The Los Angeles Times, & Wall Street Journal DN, Dagens Næringsliv (Norwegian for “Today’s Business”) Monique’s become one of the foremost leading global experts in transforming any career or business and determining What’s Next?! 

In her no-nonsense style, Monique:

  • Evaluates you/your business/project
  • ‘Sees’ and pinpoints your blocks
  • Identifies the ‘gifts’, where the individual and business is capable of going
  • Determines and develops actions necessary to transform and expand

Monique has a unique inherited ‘skill’, that allows her to pinpoint exactly where a business has become stuck on an atomic level and what measures need to be taken to turnaround, invent, develop and expand thereby; increasing profits.

Monique evaluates business professionals and corporate specialist with uncharacteristic precision and uncanny insight, using her laser-sharp abilities to identify barriers to success. No matter how extreme the situation may initially appear to be, she delivers spot-on diagnoses, resulting in optimum solutions.

Issues that have perplexed financial experts and consultants for years, Monique determines with lightning speed and accuracy, saving and earning companies hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions.  

Monique’s passion is in helping individuals and businesses build wealth. Whether it be a Hedge Fund Manager, to a family business or green commercial sustainable developers, that build hospitals and government institutions, she thrives on working with numbers. She loves what money propels in a business when it earns more than ever thought possible. 

The more solvent and lucrative a business is, the more the owner and its partners may be creative. And if it is all managed well, the more these individuals are free. Free to be who they are and free to give more in the areas they are most passionate about. 

Monique’s Beginnings

Monique Guild, Futurist, Business Intuitive, Turnaround, and Development Strategist, born in Jackson Mississippi, and raised in a colorful New Orleans environment, by her psychiatrist father and a mother who was a Norwegian actress. Her mother spoke six languages and socialized with the likes of Tennessee Williams. Her maternal grandfather knighted by the King of Norway – Sir Victor Borg and her maternal grandmother was the world-renown coloratura soprano, Ingeborg Cook. Monique is also, the sixth great grand-daughter of Capt. James Cook.

Prime Time, In No Time

After a 4 1/2 year stint in New York City Monique moved to Los Angeles and pursued her interests in the entertainment industry. She soon took a position at Showtime Networks where she quickly advanced to Assistant Marketing Coordinator, in charge of 130 cable affiliates across the United States. Shortly after, she was hired by Great Expectations as their National Director of Success Stories. It was there that she excelled in applying her gift with an on-target placement of people in media events and television shows nationwide, including the Oprah Winfrey Show and the Los Angeles Times after the riots.

Within three months, her work as National Director for GE caught the attention of The Los Angeles Times and featured her on the cover of the Metro Section.

Monique’s nationwide accomplishments caught the eye of MacLaine Enterprises. Hired as one of the key liaison for Shirley MacLaine, her agent, publicist, books, shows, and movies. After a one-year stint, Monique accepted a position with Film and TV Director Mark Travis, the creator of the film “A Bronx Tale.” It was Travis who said, “Monique, you have an amazing gift and ability to ‘see’ and zero in or people and their businesses, you have to take this to the next level.”

As a result, Monique launched:

Monique Guild, Business Intuitive.

With Monique’s achievements in the Entertainment Industry and her business, she married the two by starting her production company. Her first project, a documentary titled “6,150.”; that she directed, filmed and produced, all the while traveling with her two dogs across the nation. During filming, she caught the attention of the media across the country including NBC News.

The theme of the documentary Major Obstacles Major Success later transformed into The Business Symposium at the Conscious Life Expo. Where  Monique created, directed and interviewed world-renowned individuals, such as Dr. John Gray author of Men Are From Mars; Women Are From Venus and Dr. Joe Dispenza from the movie What the Bleep Do We Know?! 

Once again, Major Obstacles Major Success transformed into one of the top weekly shows, on an internet network titled “Conversations with Monique Guild.” To view footage and learn more visit TV page and go to to subscribe.

In “Conversations with Monique Guild, Monique speaks with global leaders that have overcome enormous obstacles and achieved massive success. Guests have ranged from Dr. John Gray, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Anne-Marie Bennstom, who founded the Ashram to Ramy El-Batrawi, a man who went from living in a car to being Adnan Khashoggi’s right-hand person.

“If you have a dream…” says Guild…if it is truly your desire, truly in your heart more than anything else, I believe it is meant to come to fruition…. We must trust and have faith and no matter what, don’t give up and keep moving forward!”

Monique Guild, Futurist, Business Intuitive, Turnaround and Development Strategist uses her swift precision laser intuitive abilities to diagnose current outcomes. As a Futurist, she invents and develops astounding solutions, which result in measurable financial results.

Monique’s book launch is fall of 2018. She is also, currently in development for a television series based on her work and establishing the Monique Guild Institute.