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Monique states, “I have an inherited ability from my Dad and Grandmother that was practiced enormously as a child; because of how my mom chose to live her life. As a result of my familial environment; I received an accelerated education in reading people and events to determine what was next in navigating some very rough waters. It’s no mystery that I get to work with global leaders(see testimonials below) in most industries, political situations, and brilliant individuals. It’s in my blood, DNA, and neurological make-up.”

Monique Guild, Business Intuitive, Wealth Builder, Turnaround, and Development Strategist is one of the greatest leading global experts in the Energy of Business and creating What’s Next?! 

She evaluates individuals and companies, pinpoints blocks and delivers spot-on diagnoses that result in optimum solutions and measurable financial results. Issues that may perplex business experts and consultants for years, Monique determines with lightning speed and accuracy, saving the company time and 100,000’s of thousands of dollars if not millions.

You are successful and seasoned, but something’s nagging at you. You know this isn’t all there is. You know you aren’t living up to your full potential. Even more, you know there’s something more for you to contribute to the world. You ask yourself what brings you joy and meaning. You re-evaluate what matters. And in your quiet moments, you wonder if you’ve done what you came here to do with your life?

To inquire about scheduling a one-hour consultation with Monique or you are ready to begin and dive into Monique’s peak performance consulting and coaching retainer fill out this form or call (310) 614-0946.

PLEASE NOTE: Monique typically works with leaders whose businesses are making or on track for revenues in the 8-10 figure range. However occasional exceptions are made for entrepreneurs with robust platforms and business models that are ready to expand and have not figured out what’s got them snagged…yet.

Clients Consult Monique For:

  • New Business Development
  • Inventions
  • Think Tanks
  • What’s Next?
  • Increase Revenue
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Strategic Insights
  • Resolution of Internal Conflict within Family Businesses to Increase Productivity
  • Political Campaigns
  • Seemingly Unsolvable Business or Career Situation
  • Unable to determine the cause of business Loss of Revenue
  • Other Mediators, Consultants, and Interventionists Unable To Resolve a Crisis
  • Athletes That Were Undermining Themselves and No One Had Been Able To Determine the Cause And Provide A Resolution
  • Possible Dissolution of Partnerships
  • Products Not Selling
  • Identifying Repetitive Patterns and Identifying Immediate Solutions
  • Deals Are Not Closing

Have you ever asked yourself, What’s Next?

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Monique as my coach and mentor, I have become, both personally and professionally, a more peaceful and fully expressed person who can focus on what is possible. Her assistance has helped me achieve a lifelong dream of working with a marvelous team on a high caliber international project that has the potential to uplift and inspire millions of people. Through Monique’s expertise, I am clearer on what my intuition is telling me, taking inspired action and opening up to possibilities. Lo and behold, I am living a dream come true – wildly beyond what I imagined was possible.  — Star Higgins, Art Direction/Color and Paint Specialist, Walt Disney Imagineering, Shanghai Disneyland Resort

Working with Monique helped me unblock my potential and focus in on my goals.  Monique taught me to own my decisions and charge after what I want in life.  Before I knew it, I was achieving one of my long-sought-after dreams:  an amazing new job in corporate social responsibility. — Isabel de Sola, Manager, World Economic Forum

Monique is a gifted business consultant. She will teach you how to clear away what is blocking your business and focus on what increases profits.”John Gray, Ph.D., author of Men Are from Mars; Women Are from Venus

“Monique has dedicated her life to the understanding of intuition and how to help others make the most of its usage in their business success.”

Walter O’Brien, CEO of Scorpion Computer Services.  –- based on Walter O’Brien, CBS Scorpion

In times of crisis and unprecedented volatility, Monique is especially helpful in urging us to focus on the possibilities rather than the risk, and this boosts our productivity both personally and professionally. — Diego de Sola CEO, Invers Bolivar President, Glasswing International (youngest most prominent Central American leader)

Monique’s method gave me the clarity and fearlessness to not only address profound personal struggles and professional challenges but to survive and thrive. 

The tools she imparts taught me to identify why and what are my Intuitive Goals and to maintain a steely focus to achieve my future reality.  I was repeatedly astonished as I experienced it over and over until I trusted myself and my intuition.  Life is a blank page that is continually being written & rewritten, and Monique’s steps help expand your world to accept that there is no limit to our potential.  So step into it and start creating!  — Carole Mundy,  Mundy Katowitz Media, Inc., Media Placement for the Democratic Party

“My ten months working with Monique Guild have proven greatly successful and satisfying. Through constant consultation and telephone conversation she taught and helped me develop incredibly valuable disciplines that seem very simple but are enormously profound and relevant for our lives. Also, these disciplines promote the intuitive abilities we all have but not necessarily use or appreciate if not discovered and fostered. Our own minds can be extremely destructive if not harnessed. Likewise, our intuition and thoughts are capable of influencing the outcome of events around us.

Monique’s help has been enormous in my achieving internal peace, and albeit I cannot say I understand how, I am convinced that by intuitive thought one has the ability to influence events. Monique is a fantastic teacher and spiritual adviser that sincerely devotes her limitless energies and special talent to help one succeed.

I am afraid I am not conveying a good explanation of what it is that Monique does, but I can attest that she has made my life much happier and better through difficult family and business situations.”Herbert De Sola, El Salvador(brother of Orlando De Sola, who was linked to Mitt Romney and Bain Capital during Romney’s run for the presidency)

Monique Guild has a first-rate understanding of the elements needed for success in this crazy business and knows how to implement them to achieve results. Michael Uslan, Executive Producer, and originator of the Batman movies