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Monique Guild is a Business Intuitive Strategist and Business Turnaround Specialist. As one of the greatest leading global experts in transforming any career or business and determining what’s next, Monique uses her laser sharp abilities to intuitively identify barriers to success and create a new future. With characteristic precision and uncanny insight, she delivers spot-on diagnoses that result in optimum solutions and measurable financial results.

In her direct style, she evaluates you/ your business / your project and sees what’s causing your current outcomes. She pinpoints blocks and identifies actions needed for success. Issues that may perplex financial experts and consultants for years, Monique determines with lightning speed and accuracy.

For over twenty years, clients from around the world have sought Monique’s expertise, precise insights, and her ability to optimize the maximum potential for people creating new possibilities both personally and professionally. These clients include venture capitalists, tech industry professionals, scientists, politicians, investment bankers, inventors, the largest green commercial builders, foreign leaders, family businesses in transition, diplomats, one of the world’s largest coffee growers, CEO’s, celebrities, athletes and artists. (Endorsements are available upon request).

By identifying barriers to success and strategically developing optimum solutions, Monique helps Individuals, CEO’s, CFO’s, Partners and Owners to navigate the unknown and achieve the desired results.

Her out-of- the-box imaginative leaps are instinctive, unexpected, and often considered magical! Sparked by intuition and insight beyond human recognition, Monique Guild’s ability to transform the very essence of personal lives, careers and businesses, along with the ways people think about and operate them, is truly an exciting process to experience. She believes, they all go and in hand.

Clients Have Consulted With Monique For:

  • Business Insights
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Strategic Insights
  • Insight into Possible Mergers or Partnerships
  • Resolution of Internal Conflict within Family Businesses in Order To Increase Productivity
  • Political Campaigns
  • Businesses/Careers That Were Stuck
  • Seemingly Unsolvable Business or Career Situation
  • Business Loss of Revenue
  • Other Mediators, Consultants and Interventionists Unable To Resolve a Crisis
  • Athletes That Were Undermining Themselves and No One Had Been Able To Determine the Cause And Provide A Resolution
  • Partners Not Producing
  • Possible Dissolution of Partnerships
  • Products That Were Not Selling
  • Identifying Repetitive Patterns and Identifying Immediate Solutions
  • Deals Are Not Closing
  • New Business Development
  • Inventions
  • Think Tanks
  • What’s Next?

Have you ever asked yourself, what’s Next?

You are successful and seasoned, but something’s nagging at you. You know this isn’t all there is. You know you aren’t living up to your full potential. Even more, you know there’s something more for you to contribute to the world. You ask yourself what bring you joy and meaning. You reevaluate what really matters. And in your quiet moments you wonder if you’ve really done what you came here to do with your life?

This is a great time to inquire about working with Monique.