• The uneasiness I feel – I am just off track.
  • Why is it so important to learn how to set Intuitive Goals™?And why it’s even more important to keep them? – hint:     your body is listening.
  • Set Intuitive Goals™ in TEN areas and attach to my future through my soul’s purpose – that’s being on track with my Intuitive Goal™ soul-self!

Proven Top Insights

  • The Top insights for overcoming obstacles and creating “What’s Next?! 
  • Listen as I share my insights on overcoming your body’s historical chemistry (which become obstacles) by setting Intuitive Goals™
  • After you’ve experienced this conference audio, you’ll be ready to embrace a new future!

Major Obstacles Major Success

  • How valuable would it be to stop burning up time? How far could your business go?
  • Listen as Susie, Clark and Lyn Alicia take you on their journey with Monique and how her work has affected their lives and business over the past decade.
  • How they used Intuitive Goal™ setting to triple their income and expand their platform.