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  • The uneasiness you feel – you are just off track. This is why It’s so important to learn how to set Intuitive Goals™, and why it’s even more important to keep them – hint – your body is listening.
  • It’s all about the overcoming the history of your chemicals and hearing your inside self.
  • Set Intuitive Goals™ in TEN areas and attach to your future through your soul’s purpose – that’s being on track with your Intuitive Goal™ soul self!
  • WHY Intuitive Goals™ are so exciting! Ultimately, it’s like having your first boyfriend or girlfriend or getting your first bike; It‘s all you can think about.
  • Being on purpose can be scary – but, the good news – it has to do with your bodies chemistry.
  • That your body needs to adjust to the new chemical flow from the new thoughts you think.
  • Why, as big as the ‘distractions’ are in your life, a gift of the same size is coming your way, ready to be accomplished.
  • Listen and learn from the 2-hour audio from 3 clients who have experienced and applied Monique’s unique insights!