The Intuitive Goal™ Workshop

“I can’t tell which facet of Monique’s gifts amazes me more: her insight into business solutions or her one-on-one consulting.” Mark Bryan, Co-Founder of The “Artist Way” workshops and author of the “Artist Way of Work.”

“Monique conducted a two-part mini-workshop for several employees in our medical group. The positive impact and changes that occurred after just one workshop were incredible! I can only imagine what participation in a complete workshop would do for the individual and the company. The results would be powerful!” — Anna Wilson, Nurse Practitioner, Mulliken Medical Center

Monique works with individuals from all walks of life to identify and clean up the personal obstacles that are blocking their successes in business. She works with people through Intuitive Goals™, ten areas that encompass private and professional life that identify how to listen to one’s soul’s purpose and guidance, create and engage with a new reality, and learn how to let old beliefs fall away. Monique’s work sets the foundation for growth with a focus on mental engagement with what clients see and think for themselves. By creating a balance between personal and professional, her work helps people to engage with their future and allow their souls to push them to go beyond where they have been, instead of letting their past environments affect and define their future successes in their personal and professional lives.

Get Ready To … Discover Your Soul’s Purpose!

The difference between a  resolution, or goal, and an Intuitive Goal™ is that an Intuitive Goal™ truly uplifts you. It is one that is inspirational. When you are setting an Intuitive Goal,™ you are paying attention to how it makes you feel when you set that goal. It is not the same one you have been setting every year i.e. “I will be a great salesman starting January 1st.” It is more like, “I see myself being informative about my product and easily making sales, really getting to know my product and customers. I see myself understanding how much value I add to the company and how much I am relied on to do a great job.” An Intuitive Goal™ is about listening to what excites you about achieving this goal. A deeper meaning behind the goal is what we are looking for. You feel an energy shift in your body when you think about an Intuitive Goal™, and you’re uplifted.

Monique Guild Business Intuitive Strategist Business Turnaround Specialist

“Priding myself on having strong intuitive skills, I was immediately humbled by Monique’s precise and detailed intuitive ability. Her gifted insight and sensibility have been of great help to me.” — Verne Varona, Author, “Nature’s Cancer Fighting Foods” 

  • How far can my business go?
  • What are my true strengths?
  • What should I really be doing in my career?
  • Why do I feel so stuck?
  • What is my next step?

“It is not about creating goals but discovering the goals that have been there since birth – aligned with my soul’s purpose. The difference? These goals take on a life of their own: you don’t push then forward, they pull you!” — Vince O’Neal, Owner Star Bakery

  • Meeting once a week for eight weeks, Monique Guild guides you to your inner voice.
  • In this workshop, you will set specific Intuitive Goals™ in ten different areas, work through blocks, like grief, resentment, negative thinking, etc.
  • Identify and start trusting your intuition thereby,  take a look at and heal negative belief systems and move forward in achieving your Soul’s Intuitive Goals™!

Next Intuitive Goal™ workshop starts October 30th, 2016. To inquire email

Prosperity Workshop

Monique Guild Business Intuitive Strategist Business Turnaround Specialist
Join Monique Guild in her 8-week THE PROSPERITY WORKSHOP, aka “Oh Hell! How Did I Get Here? And What Do I Need To Do To Clean This Up And Prosper Now?!!”™

Explore Scientific, practical applications combined with Spiritual Laws:

  • “Seeing” for yourself how you would like to prosper over the next eight weeks in ten different areas.
  • Finding the distractions, which keep us from what we want to accomplish
  • Discovering underlying feelings about money and how they may be holding us back from achieving what we want in our lives.
  • ‘Closet Cleaning’ and creating a void for The Universe to fill with what we want in our lives.
  • Studying ancient prosperity laws and connecting with your God or Universal Energy daily, having higher thoughts and using your talents as service to others!

“There’s a lot of internal and external clutter to suffocate the soul from receiving. In Monique’s workshop, the clutter gets cleared! The feeling is revitalizing and the new space attracts fortunes unimagined!” Alina Sanderson, Art Director

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