“Oh Hell! How Did I Get Here?”

“Oh Hell! How Did I Get Here?”

Prosperity Workshop

Join Monique Guild in her 8-week THE PROSPERITY WORKSHOP, aka “Oh Hell! How Did I Get Here? And What Do I Need To Do To Clean This Up And Prosper Now?!!”™

Explore Scientific, practical applications combined with Spiritual Laws:

  • “Seeing” for yourself how you would like to prosper over the next eight weeks in ten different areas.
  • Finding the distractions, which keep us from what we want to accomplish
  • Discovering underlying feelings about money and how they may be holding us back from achieving what we want in our lives.
  • ‘Closet Cleaning’ and creating a void for The Universe to fill with what we want in our lives.
  • Studying ancient prosperity laws and connecting with your God or Universal Energy daily, having higher thoughts and using your talents as service to others!

“There’s a lot of internal and external clutter to suffocate the soul from receiving. In Monique’s workshop, the clutter gets cleared! The feeling is revitalizing and the new space attracts fortunes unimagined!” Alina Sanderson, Art Director

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