Interview with WSJ Helping Businesses Get ‘Unstuck’, Create What’s Next and Increase The Bottom Line

Interview with WSJ Helping Businesses Get ‘Unstuck’, Create What’s Next and Increase The Bottom Line.

Interview with WSJ satellite office Dagen Naerlingsliv – Norway.

I often get interviewed on how do I do what I do, so quickly, in helping a business, product of project turnaround, create what’s next and prosper. I have an inherited ability that runs in my family. Two of my clients were interviewed for this article. One is the youngest most prominent Central American Leader and the other was the largest green commercial sustainable builder in the world. It’s been transcribed into English.

Monique Guild Business Intuitive Strategist Business Turnaround Specialist

Half Norwegian Monique Guild working as “Intuitive Business Consultant” in the United States.

Los Angeles (DN): Monique Guild slows her car, a Porsche, and steps out with a mobile in her hand. As an “Intuitive Business Consultant” she assists clients whom are stuck and wish for more money, success and influence – most often she consults with them over the telephone.

“I’m like a regular consultant, but with additional abilities. I can ‘see’ where a business is at a standstill and what must be done to fix the problem,” says Guild as she strides across the gravel driveway of a Beverly Hills home.

These days, psychics with an eye for business are called “intuitives,” “instinctive advisors” and “mentalists.” They offer investment tips, can read a person’s energy in job interviews and use their “extra” senses to facilitate smart corporate restructuring.

Rick Butler, a director and property developer, says Guild helped save his company, Aardex, from being acquired by a lying investor. She also exposed drug abuse among some of the investing company’s employees.

“Many pretend they have good intentions, but what they want is to rob you,” says Butler. “Monique can feel if people have integrity, if they are sincere and what their motives are.” Butler  regards Ms. Guild as “invaluable.” At first a bit wary of intuition, he now views the process as “practical, analytical and rational. “I’m a bit slow in this area,” he says. “Monique told me things about the business that I had no idea about. Probably because I don’t trust my intuition.”

Thought Patterns

Guild often sits in the shadow of a skyscraper at the pool in Los Angeles and speaks to her clients by phone. All she needs is her notepad, notes from previous consultations and her special abilities, which she has had since she was ten.

“I noticed it when I was little”, she says.

” Like what, specifically?”

“That I could see things no one else saw.”

“I can hear a voice or see a face and get cascades of information in my head. It’s like watching a movie, I just follow the pictures,” says Guild.

She presses an audio file, I hear Monique respond to a male client “Abuse,” she says. “Something that happened when you were 16 years old, and a relationship was disbanded about 17 years ago. That’s is part of what is causing your business to be stuck now.” “What is this?” says the male client, “well my parents drank. When I was 16, I was expelled from a private school, and 17 years ago, when I got a new partner, I lost $350,000.”

There is no crystal ball in sight.

“I’m not psychic, I’m intuitive”, insists Guild.

“I think that people become addicted to their own feelings – which are chemicals and become stuck in a pattern of the past, which affects their business now. I help them overcome this.”


Diego de Sola, Director of Inversiones Bolivar, a real estate company and President of Glasswing International in El Salvador, said that for a long time he called California each week to consult with Guild. He was sweating from the recession and the “feeling of doom.”

Diego says, “All I did was focus on risk minimization, and it ruined me. I was not able to see opportunities. Intuitive or not, she changed my thinking pattern for the better Monique Guild helped me realize that I wanted to do something good for the community in addition to the real estate business. She helped me set a goal, she gave me homework and we talked about my weekly progress”.

“I can hear a voice or see a face and get cascades of information in my head. It’s like watching a movie, and I just follow the pictures” – Monique Guild, intuitive corporate consultant.

Intuitives can also reveal errors in corporate structure. Gabriel Lawson, president of a billion dollar company, Seagate, used an intuitive to reveal a miserable collaboration between the company’s marketing and research departments.

“She was amazing,” he preached.

According to Newsweek, Laura Day, a psychic adviser, also rescued a Hollywood producer from investing in a film that turned out to be a flop, and in New York, rental companies employed intuitive Joan Barker to screen prospective tenants.

“I don’t know if she’s psychic, has luck or just the ability to understand people,” one of the landlords, Baruch Herzfeld, told The New York Times. “But she is efficient, that’s for sure.”

Guild says that she, in fact, “does personality profiling.” She once worked with a business owner who was constantly being sued by employees and helped him set up a system, where they would send a potential hiree to interview with the company’s vice president first, before asking the candidate to call Guild.

“I talked to them about work and life, then wrote a report to the owner about what  I saw in the person’s character. We stopped the lawsuits.”

Guild grew up in New Orleans as the daughter of Norwegian actress Kari Borg (“Owls in the Moss”), and Ingeborg Cook (“Olsenbanden”, “Carl & Co.”) was her Grandmother. In pursuit of a career as a soap actress, she moved to Los Angeles but inevitably her business took off. Now she says that her clients range from diplomats and athletes to entrepreneurs and directors, all of whom suffer completely unnecessary economic losses due to “blocked energy.”

“I can see what has happened to them earlier in life. In addition, I see where their strengths are, what they are capable of and we work together to turn it all around”.

“What problems are most common?”

“Many people have patterns that stay with them for their entire lives. There may be abuse in the home, or too much responsibility, as children or personal issues distract them in their career.”

Rick Butler also said that he “had a problematic relationship with his daughter” and that it affected his choices as a businessman. Now everything is in order.

“Could you have gone to a psychologist instead?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never tried”.

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