What’s Next? Time to Create A New Reality

The following is a list of questions that you get to ask yourself,  when you are ready to create WHAT’S NEXT by coming into alignment with your soul’s purpose – What Gets YOU Excited About Life – Intuitive Goals™ – 

One of my favorite things to do with my clients is to help them create a future reality; that’s never been created before by helping them to skyrocket their business, products are projects into entirely new financial dimensions.I love creating the unknown by pulling ideas out of ‘thin air’ and ‘unsnagging’ any dead energy atomically. It’s so much fun!

Start with a list of THE RESULTS(the facts) that you are living in each area.

For example, THE RESULT I live in in the Material world would be I live ______, I drive ______, I own ______etc.

Physically: I weigh_______, I eat_______, I workout ________etc.

Spiritually: I meditate, go to church, pray etc.

Do this process in each of the ten areas(they are listed in bold below).

Then brake down each area and ask yourself these following questions — and answer them.



What do I continue to picture in my head over and over again on a daily basis?

What am I mentally rehearsing?

Do I continue to mentally challenge myself?

If you don’t love what shows up in your life, ask yourself:

  1. What am I seeing(picturing) for myself?
  2. What am I thinking about habitually that I need to change that is not working for me?      And…
  3. (then go further and ask yourself) What lens am I filtering the world through? i.e. the world is safe, great opportunities always come to me, I feel I need to get justice, I get distracted by…grief, toxic relationships, the news, people are out to get me, etc.


Ask yourself: What do I continue to mentally picture(see for myself) on a daily basis?

Most importantly: ** Are you aware of what you’re picturing/seeing/envisioning for yourself daily? Are you happy with what you see over and over again? How do you FEEL about what you are picturing(emotion is a HUGE indicator if what you are seeing for yourself is in alignment with your soul’s purpose or NOT).



  1. What’s my commitment been to in this area?
  2.   Well, what am I actually living? (Example; “the truth is that lately I see that I have been justifying that extra cookie”.
  3. Why? ( In other words; What is the voice you hear or the conversation you have with yourself inside your head? For example, the conversation might be “I can eat what I want or I will start tomorrow” etc. Whatever conversation you’re having will be the one that you will empower with your actions).



  1. What is the conversation that I am having in not following my plan?
  2. What is the result I actually want?
  3. What is the new commitment?
  4. (Therefore;) the new conversation that I will have with myself is,…?

I actually write all of this out so that I can consciously make new choices and consciously think about the new conversation. Why? Because I want to be living a different RESULT instead of getting distracted – i.e. he said, she said…. The bottom line, I want to feel good with what I am doing with my life, feel excited about the possibilities and not feel bound by distractions, which are just a chemical addiction to the past.



What are THE RESULTS that I’m having in my work life right now?

(Write a list of what is happening and what you would like to see happen…Ask yourself, what RESULT do I want to live?)

I notice that there are things that I said that I wanted to have happen. But, when I actually took a look at what my conversation is with myself I see that it does not match what I say that I want ! — YIKES!

You say that you want something but you have not been taking the actions to support what you say you want so… what is your commitment, here, too – really? When you get honest with yourself and stop fooling yourself this is when you can really begin again and make a new commitment or accept the RESULT that your living.

Empowerment or Victimization?: The Results In Your Life = Commitments



  1. Do I know exactly where I am financially?
  2. What do I want?
  3. What’s my conversation been with myself and others?
  4. What’s new conversation needs to be in place in order to achieve the results that I want? — if you say you truly want what you say it is you want…. the actions will follow.

You say you want one thing or you set an Intuitive Goal™ at the beginning of the year stating what you will achieve this year — but your commitment has been to something else(distractions, resentment, anger, addictions etc.). You can see this HOW? Simply, by THE RESULT you are living at this very moment.

Every time you go against something that you say that you want, that is further information about where your commitment is.


Ask yourself right now: ARE YOU HAVING FUN IN YOUR LIFE?

I am going to actually ask MYSELF; AM I having fun? Monique are you having fun?  ANSWER: Of course there are things I want to do. But, the way in which I live my life is fun. I love what I do. I love the projects that I am working on.  Ah! But, am I making time for fun? Not work fun. But fun fun? What is fun fun for me?

So, I will make a list of things that are fun and make sure that I incorporate those things into THE RESULT I say I want to live.



  1. What RESULT am I living in this area?
  2. Am I happy with it?…(Are you clear on your intuitive vision in this area; very clear? Write out a plan so that you bring your current life into alignment with it).
  3. Entertain conversations in your head that support this.



  1. What is THE RESULT that I am living?
  2. What do I say that I want to do in this area?
  3. What conversation am I having with myself?

Relationships: Both personally and professionally 


  1. What is THE RESULT that I am living both professionally and personally?
  2. What do I like about this RESULT? What don’t I like?
  3. What do I need to change about myself?

I believe that the relationships that are in our lives are there to either show us a refection of ourselves or to evolve us somehow.

So, ask yourself: What is this person showing me about myself? What do I like about what I am seeing and what don’t I like?

You can change you – not them.



  1. What is THE RESULT that I am living?
  2. What do I like about this RESULT? What don’t I like?
  3. What do I need to change about myself?

You can always look at your RESULTS to actually see what you are committed to.

If you are committed to being _________(healthy, happy, struggle, chaos, rich, famous, playing small etc.) that is the conversation you will have with yourself.

Whatever, you say you’re committed to, all the actions that will show up, will be a direct reflection to that commitment.

Empowerment or Victimization?: The Results In Your Life = Commitments


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