When Shirley MacLaine says to you, “Monique, I Don’t Have Time for Such Small Thinking” – YIKES!

When I heard these words come out of her mouth, at first I thought “How Rude!” and in the next nano second I wanted to press the rewind button and take every word that I’d just spoken back into my mouth and swallow it and act like it was a thought, that I actually did NOT just speak.

I will never forget this moment.  We were all gathered at her house for dinner in Malibu to hear about her recent pilgrimage across Spain. Which she latter wrote about in her book called The El Camino.

We’d just filled up our plates at her kitchen buffet and gathered in the living room. There sat Shirley, Annette, Rick and I and maybe two other people. (Rick and I ran Shirley’s office. We were the nucleus between her books, shows, movies, PR adventures, etc).

This particular adventure she prepared for for months by back packing and hiking daily in the Santa Monica mountains. We would loose track of her often and not know her where about, which would cause a complete panic but, that is another story for another day…

Getting back to my story… she was filling us in on all of the details, recounting the interesting people and what she’d learned. Then she mentions, at night the group would sleep in these different huts and anyone could sleep anywhere.

Well, my brain started calculating and realizing that anyone from anywhere could join this group. Shirley being Shirley MacLaine, I start to THINK… and out of my mouth blurts “Shirley, weren’t you afraid that some weirdo would bother you in the middle of the night?”

I could just see it coming, as soon as, I uttered the last word, she turns and looks at me and in front of everyone says “Monique, I don’t have time for such small thinking!”

At first I thought, how rude! What a rude response!

However, deep down inside I knew that she had said something probably profound and I would get what it meant latter.

Now years latter, I really get what she meant. Here she was on an adventure of a life time and was telling us of her amazing experience. And in that moment, I was focused on the ‘crumbs’. Not the cake. Not the big picture. I was into small thinking.

Knowing what I know now and teaching all that I have taught, I GET IT, my thinking was geared more toward distraction as opposed to creation. I was more into survival thinking as opposed to creative thinking and connecting in with my greater self.

So, I ask YOU…Do you have a dream that you want to create but you are in small thinking – the distractions? i.e. listening to someone else’s problems, drama, in survival mode somehow?  Or simply not expanding into what is next? Or wanting to figure out, How will it ever come to fruition? Where will I get the funding? Or better yet, are you in a relationship that is less than supportive? Are you putting someone else’s needs first? Or are you sitting on the fence and not taking the big leap into the unknown and going beyond where you have been before? These are distractive thoughts/actions.

Today, when I get caught up in the distractions or start to wander off or wonder how I will I make my vision a reality …I remember that night at Shirley’s house. I remember what an example she was of a life not based in fear. But based in FREEDOM and CREATION. POSSIBILITIES.

How can you get out of thinking that distracts you and live your life in possibilities and expansion today? The moment you can begin to do this…this is the moment parallel realities, that already exist, can begin to enter.

Let me know your thoughts or e-mail me with any questions  monique@moniqueguild.com

Stay in the adventure of it all – it’s way more fun!!


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