As Intense As A Business/Life Situations Been: Is As Fun As, Life Gets To Be

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Monique Guild Business Intuitive Strategist Business Turnaround Specialist
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Hi! It’s Monique the Business Intuitive. So today’s topic is, As Intense As A Business/Life Situations Been: Is As Fun As, Life Gets To Be or in other words, “Where are you going to jump”?


What do I mean by that?  After you have gone through a serious serious

situation – it can be as intense as, end of a relationship, divorce – personally or professionally, resentments, a scary or life changing event, stressful work environment, overcoming addictions, unsure of what to do next, how to create what’s next, partnership transition or good ole negative thinking (I feel very fortunate because I get to work with people around the world who have somehow become stuck or blocked in their business or partnership or whatever it is and there’s been a lot of thought, stress and energy put into that situation).


So all of that energy and focused thoughts that go into these type of events, it’s gotta go somewhere, you have to have somewhere, after the situation is resolved, to go to(your thoughts to go to, chemicals to flow to). What’s Next? What to create next? Where to jump to next?


I feel that if you don’t, have somewhere to ‘jump to’, your body’s gonna end up running the show. Your body is going to want a chemical that was a result of the thoughts that used to think, as a result of the situation you used to be in. The reason is that, the body gets used to that chemical hit, and it’s going to want to get its chemicals. So it will get you to think a thought, it’ll get

you to attract situations in, to get its chemical hit so-to-speak.


If you’re anything like me, I grew up in a very stressful situation, so my body got flooded with chemicals at a really early age, and as we get older the body craves more and more of those chemicals from the past. So, its so important for me to keep creating!


And so it’s the same in business/life when you resolve an issue, and it’s no longer there, you’ve got to have somewhere to go to, that is so exciting, that it’s all you can think about. You must have a, in order to override the environment that was, or that is, again you need to be in contemplation of what is to come and bring that future chemical(from the future reality)to your now and have your body get used to that, in order to override the chemicals that you’ve been flooded with from the stressful circumstances that you’ve recently experienced.


There are ten areas that I like to work in:mental, physical, spiritual, career, financial, fun, education, material, relationship, and contribution.


I ask my clients after that have been through a major obstacle,

“What would be the most exciting thing that could happen in those areas? What’s next for you in these areas?

What’s next for you to jump to?”


I ask them this because I want to pull them out of the reality the’ve been in chemically. It takes time for them to neurologically begin to get out of the old neural pathways and into new ones that have not been fired up in some time or in some circumstances, ever.


I feel it’s important to have a landing platform. I think that people grow old, get bored, cause chaos in their lives, when they don’t know where they’re heading to. Especially, if there’s been a lot of energy expended in stress, anger …because of something that’s become stuck.


So that’s it for today, hope you have a super fantastic day!


Let me know your thoughts and if you have any



Talk to you soon!



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