Thank God For Trump. He’s A BIG FAT Fog Horn!

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Thank God for Trump! He is absolutely a BIG FAT FOG HORN — for almost everything that needs healing in our society. 

As an analogy, I always say to my clients when referencing healing their business blocks:


“It’s like making a big pot of chicken soup. You put your water in, your broth, vegetables, chicken, etc. Let it simmer, allow the fat to bubble up to the top, and if you want to be super sure to get most of the fat out, put the pot in the refrigerator the fat will be frozen at the top, then scoop it out and then you can have a great bowl of chicken soup! 


AS A RESULT of who Trump is — we get to heal as a society. He is just the MACRO, because of his position, of the MICRO. This is nothing new. His rhetoric, banter, and beliefs systems are not new. He just has the balls/stupidity to put a FOG HORN to it all. Better yet, he is in the public eye(which is just the fat being frozen at the top!)


Thank God. Because now we get to scoop out that fat, individually as well as collectively. And get out of victim mode.


There’s been pretty much nothing that he has not lambasted, woman, woman rights, gays, blacks, immigration, gun control or not, etc., etc.  He is everything we get to heal within ourselves, our society, communities and as a nation and a world.

The moment I have one finger pointing at someone who is steering at the helm of the boat(he is the captain of his boat right now — at least he stands for what he stands for, we know what we are getting, he is not a people pleaser) and I am sitting in their boat by blaming, mocking and judging(all distractions to my own life), anything that pretty much puts me in the victim seat, then I have 3 fingers pointing at myself.


It’s easy to criticize the captain – the person in the public eye, but what about behind closed doors in our own homes and hearts?  That’s where we get to be captains of our boat. Or are we?  Where have we not taken responsibility? 


If I believe that I attract everything into my life, that I am frequency specific to everything that comes into my life – because of the nature of atoms and how they operate – (at this time in our history,  I am sitting on a boat, that I am frequency specific to, this time/space reality). Its atoms and molecules. Then it must be true that somehow, I am responsible for all that shows up in my life.


When I take responsibility and ask — first, WHAT DO I NEED TO HEAL WITHIN MYSELF?  What is it about this situation or person that is stirring something up inside of me, that I need to heal? How have I contributed to this?  That’s the moment the healing begins within(micro). It takes me out of victim mode, puts me at the helm of my own boat and then I get to make better decisions, be proactive, get out of the judgment game, and then society, communities our leaders, etc.(the MACRO) will represent the micro. And are better able to represent and answer the question: What’s in the interest of the greater good?


In all situations, I get to be the greatest ideal of me. It’s a choice. But, sometimes, I don’t realize that my self esteem, self worth, valuing my life and having a deep reverence for all of my gifts, talents, flaws, etc. needs an overhaul.


I can use this FOG HORN as a wake up call for me to value me and heal anything and everything that is getting in the way of not appreciating all that I have become. That way I can see it in you and help others who want the same. The material world and outside stuff is not going to fix it, it is an inside job for sure.


Lord knows, I am not perfect. But, if I am willing to press then pause button, not blame, shun or judge another and instead ask – “What is it about this person or situation that is pushing so many buttons inside of me, that I need to heal within myself?” When I start there, I am empowered and make better decisions. 


There are women who showed up for Trump that allowed him to behave the way he behaved. They didn’t set boundaries because of low self-esteem and self-worth, and they were possibly not valued as children. It’s about self esteem and valuing oneself. I wonder where he is on the self-esteem level…


People come into our lives to evolve us or to show us who we’ve been and where we need to heal. Bet, it’s up to me to stop pointing fingers and look within…that’s where the healing lies and the transformation may begin to take place, individually as well as collectively.


So Thank you, Mr. Trump, for showing us who we’ve become as a society and what needs to be healed individually as well as collectively. We have a great road of transformation that’s beginning now and we get to look forward to. So thank you for being a FOG HORN and speeding up the process of what needs to happen.


We can begin to take proactive actions now, that are not based in resistance or judgement (like putting up a WALL)  but, acceptance , going within and making a decision to no longer be a victim in our own lives.


What we resist – PERSIST.



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