Monique Guild, CEO, Futurist, Business Intuitive, Turnaround, and Development Strategist, is one of the greatest leading global experts in pinpointing precisely how to increase company profits, launch a new business, or turnaround what may be stuck. 

Guild’s laser-sharp abilities caught the eye of The Los Angeles Times, where they ran a feature article on her on the cover of the METRO section.

Clients Diego De Sola (most prominent Central American Leader) and Rick Butler, former owner of Aardex (largest global sustainable builders) spoke on Guild’s behalf for the WSJ satellite office in Norway, and the impact she’s had on their businesses. https://moniqueguild.com/press/

Guild’s strength is in turning around problematic situations, developing businesses, taking moderately successful companies, and increasing their revenue.


In her no-nonsense style Monique:

  • evaluates you/your business/project;
  • sees and pinpoint blocks;
  • as a Futurist, she has the know-how to catapult your business to the next level.

Gain solutions to seemingly unsolvable business questions.

How does Monique help multi-million dollar companies and small businesses get out of dire straights?

How does she help individuals create new platforms?

Guild’s unique inherited ability in identifying precisely what’s caused a business, product, or project to become stuck; enables her to catapult your life and business to the next level.  

As a Wealth Builder, Guild helps individuals and businesses to stop hemorrhaging cash and swiftly generate income. to learn more  “The Psychology of Money is Just Your Chemical Makeup.”

Monique’s expertise:

Health – Why Have You Been So Sick For So Long? Have you ever thought it may be related to your career or lack of…?

Have you seen Doctor and Doctor looking for a solution to your health problem to no avail?

  • What’s Next?
  • New Business Development
  • Expansion
  • Increase in Revenue
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Strategic Insights that catapult your business
  • Resolve Internal Conflict within Family Businesses Increasing Productivity
  • Political Campaigns
  • Seemingly Unsolvable Business or Career Situation
  • The Cause and solution for the company to stop hemorrhaging cash
  • Semi-pro and Pro Athletes Stop Undermining Yourself 
  • Dissolution or Resolution of Partnership
  • Immediate Solutions to Repetitive Patterns
  • Close Deals

To learn more about “Monique’s Method,” listen as Monique speaks to three clients individually and the impact her work has on their life and business. CLICK HERE.

To schedule your initial consultation call (310) 614-0946.

“My ten months of working with Monique Guild have proven hugely successful and satisfying. She taught and helped me develop incredibly valuable disciplines that seem very simple but are enormously profound and relevant to our lives.

Also, these disciplines promote the intuitive abilities we all have but not necessarily use or appreciate if not discovered and fostered. Our minds can be incredibly destructive if not harnessed. Likewise, our intuition and thoughts are capable of influencing the outcome of events around us.

Monique’s help has been enormous in my achieving internal peace, and albeit I cannot say I understand how, I am convinced that by intuitive thought one can influence events. Monique is a fantastic teacher, business consultant and spiritual adviser that sincerely devotes her boundless energies and exceptional talent to help one succeed.

I am afraid I am not conveying a good explanation of what it is that Monique does, but I can attest that she has made my businesses and life much happier and better through difficult family and business situations”  — Herbert De Sola, El Salvador (inaccurately linked to Mitt Romney, his brother Orlando De Sola, Bain Capital, and the death squads in El Salvador during Romney’s run for the Presidency).