Her father, Dr. George Guild, is a renowned New Orleans Psychiatrist. On her paternal side, her family-owned sawmills, railways, lumber, Fairview Plantation, and installed the railway between the North and the South. 

Even though she hailed from a colorful, brilliant, and some would consider a wealthy background- none of that mattered. At one point, she needed to move in with a safe family, who happened to be on welfare. 

Monique quickly learned how to use her instincts and survive in an environment for not faint-at-heart.

As a child, Monique did not experience much guidance from the adults in her life, particularly when it came to asking about her personal goals, dreams, and aspirations. 

For this reason, she learned to seek help outside of her family and go beyond her present circumstances for guidance from a young age. 

On and off from 5-6th grade, she lived with another family in her neighborhood that, though they were less well-off, provided her with the necessities she craved: a safe family environment, warm meals, and an abundance of love.

Part of Monique’s upbringing involved her stepfather, a world-renowned Doctor back by the Kellogg and Ford Foundation and nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize during the Nixon Administration. He created a foundation and eventually was indicted by the Federal Government.