Have you ever wondered what you are supposed to contribute to this planet? Or how to take your business up to the next level? If so, this audio training is for you! 

The information presented here is tbased on a workshop, The Intuitive Goal™ workshop Monique’s taught for over 20 years. You will begin to find your soul’s purpose, identify the blocks that prevent you from hearing how you are being guided, and learn how to trust and determine how your intuition speaks to you. Monique is completing a book based on this work, but for now, this audio is a great beginning to get you started and on track.

  • The uneasiness you feel – you are just off track.
  • Why It’s so important to learn how to set Intuitive Goals™, and why it’s even more important to keep them – hint – your body is listening.
  • It’s all about the overcoming history of your chemicals and hearing your inside self.
  • Set Intuitive Goals™ in TEN areas and attach to your future through your soul’s purpose – that’s being on track with your Intuitive Goal™ soul self!
  • WHY Intuitive Goals™ are so exciting! Ultimately, it’s like having your first boyfriend or girlfriend or getting your first bike; It‘s all you can think about!

When you listen to the recording and are setting your Intuitive Goals™, I want you to find that feeling place when you listen to your favorite song (your first piece of homework). Or how by that feeling place of when you were so excited about your first boyfriend? Or girlfriend? You will know when you are on your Intuitive Goal soul track™ by the energy shift you feel in your body when you think about accomplishing that IG’s.

  • That your body needs to get used to the new chemical flow.
  • Being on purpose can be scary – but, the good news – it’s all chemical!
  • Why, as big as the ‘bothers’ are in your life, a gift of the same size is coming your way, ready to be accomplished.
  • It’s about being so excited about your future, creating a new reality, overriding your history by understanding and identifying the purpose of WHY? You are here – it’s an inside job.
  • Listen to the audio and begin the hour, day, month, or year over again!

Intuitive Goals™ are fun, exciting, and magical!

I will be in touch soon with more incredible content through videos, audio’s, downloadable PDFs, and webinars. I so look forward to helping you uncover all that incredible energy that’s percolating just beneath the surface that will skyrocket your business to the “Next Level.” The only thing you have to do is your homework! Start now…by listening to this recording! 

Here’s to your Intuitive Goal™ Success!

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