(As published in Ms. Fitness Magazine)

In a couple of months, you will be thinking about your New Year’s resolutions. How will you keep them this year without letting them fall by the wayside? Have you ever lost track of your goals by the third week in January? It’s important to set goals for the New Year, but it’s equally important to follow through on them. That’s why it’s essential to set “Intuitive Goals” for this New Year. What are your soul’s purpose goals? What are you here to do? 

The difference between a resolution or goal and an “Intuitive Goal” is that an “Intuitive Goal” truly uplifts you. It is one that is inspirational. When you are setting an “Intuitive Goal,” you are paying attention to how it makes you feel when you set that goal. It is not the same one you have set every year, i.e. “I will go to the gym three times a week starting January 1st.” It is more like; I see myself working out with a gym partner three times a week, really getting to know and understand how each exercise affects my muscles and what exercises I can do to change certain parts of my body. I see myself really understanding how nutrition affects my ability to function as well as replenish myself after my workouts.” An “Intuitive Goal” is about listening to what excites you about achieving this goal. A deeper meaning behind the goal is what we are looking for. You feel an energy shift in your body when you think about an “Intuitive Goal” and you’re uplifted.

Do I think these are the goals that are more likely to be achieved? Absolutely! Because there is a yearning a feeling of disappointment and uneasiness when you are not reaching them. A sense of letting yourself down. This feeling just sticks with you. 

A second way you would notice this “Intuitive Goal” in trouble is little things will bother you. I guarantee you that behind a lot of “bothers” in your life, there is something to be achieved, something that has been knocking at your door to do that you’ve been ignoring. Does it feel like an “Intuitive Goal” may be harder to go towards? Sometimes! When we are on purpose, that can be scary. This is when we get to step out in faith. The more we walk towards our “Intuitive Goals” , the more the Universe will rush in to support us with accomplishing them.

A couple of summers ago, I stated to a few friends that I would travel across America and videotape people who had unusual jobs. But, as the summer began to pass and I had obligations to my work, I soon forgot about the declaration of my adventure. I began to feel a restlessness as the summer progressed. And then, I got ‘distracted’ from my restless feelings by getting into a disagreement with a friend. Now looking back, I realize that I was getting into this slight drama with him as to take the focus off of myself and my restlessness. And I remember his final words to me were: “Monique, your higher self knows better than this. Let’s let this rest. I am not going to go down this path with you!” And I, at that moment, felt humiliated that someone had to remind me that I knew better. But, this is what friends are for, and that’s when I knew that there was something for me to do in my own life that I was avoiding. I knew that I had hit the “nail on the head” when I woke up the following morning and remembered my original statement at the beginning of the summer of wanting to explore and travel. I knew that I must go! I felt there was an emptiness there. Aha! There you go. An “Intuitive Goal.”

There are nine different areas to evaluate when listening to and setting your “Intuitive Goals”.

I like to ask the question, “How do you want to ‘see’ yourself physically, mentally, career, financially, spiritually, entertainment, fun, education, and in relationships by the end of the year, in six months, a month or a week?” The more detailed you are with the vision you have for yourself in each area allows the Universe not to have to guess what to bring you in that area. 

Start each sentence off with “I see myself.…”. For example, “I see myself buying a new house…” 

Now the next part is the fun part. Ask yourself after you have set specific “Intuitive Goals” “Why do you want this?” and finally, “How is it going to make you feel when you do accomplish this goal?” It is essential to answer these questions to get to the actual feeling state. This is where you know you are in alignment or not with your soul’s purpose. 

How you would know if this is an “Intuitive Goal“ is by how excited and uplifted you feel when you imagine yourself attaining it. For example, an “Intuitive Goal” might be, again, “I want to buy a three-bedroom two-bath house with a big back yard“. Next, answer the question “Why,”? Why do I want this specifically? I want the big yard for my dogs. I want to invest my money. I want the first bedroom to be for me, the second to be for my office and the third to be as a possible rental situation.

Then you ask yourself, “How would it feel to get it?” Fantastic! Great! Smart! And Excited! Ester Hicks, who channels Abraham, states that when one stays in pure positive thought and energy for more than 17 seconds, it is worth 2000 person-hours of work! When we remain in pure positive energy flow, we are vibrationally attracting our good to us. So, it is important to stay in the “feeling state” for as long as possible. Imagine yourself there and what it feels like to be in that moment. Dr Masura Emoto, in his book “The Hidden Messages in Water,” has photographed how the molecules of water are affected by our thoughts, words, and feelings. This is just one scientific experiment that proves that our thoughts do contain energy. 

Let me just say that one more time, the thoughts and feelings we send out and the feelings we have attached to those thoughts do affect events in our lives. 

Once you get clear on what your “Intuitive Goals” are: why you want them, and how it will feel to achieve them next is a critical point. It is to become mindful that these goals should be shared only with people in your life whom you know will support you in your vision. Do not tell people who will bring their fears to the table and put them on you. I remember when I was planning my trek across the nation, it was interesting to see that when I told people that I would be traveling across the country with my dogs, what fears came up for them. “Where on earth will you stay with dogs?” One guy even said to me, “Where will you park when you get to New York?” Another said. I thought, “Good heavens! I haven’t even left LA yet! Who knows!”

Another point to be made in regards to setting “Intuitive Goals” and being successful at attaining our “Intuitive Goals” – is to clean up unresolved feelings from the past – specifically grief and resentment. Again this is a critical point. For instance, resentment keeps us stuck in the past, and we can’t hear how the Universe may be guiding us toward our “Intuitive Goal” at the moment. 

If we keep starring at the past and feeling resentful in the present about the past, it keeps it in the now, and therefore on-going carries it into our future. And then finally, in regards to loss, loss needs to be processed also. With failure, we need to allow ourselves to be where we are in our lives with the grief and embrace it as opposed to feeling like we have to hurry up and move on or replace the loss with something else. Eventually, we get into some sort of acceptance about the issue. And in this acceptance, we can move forward. 

A terrific final tool is to get an “Intuitive Goal” setting partner. You can support each other in answering the questions: What do you want? Why do you want it? And how will it make you feel to get it? You will know you are on your “Intuitive Goal” soul track when you are excited about your future and what you would like to see for yourself and how it is going to feel to get it! Remember where two or more are gathered, there is tremendous power and double the vibrational energy!!

So, there you go. This is what I’ve discovered over the years about New Year’s goals. That “New Year” goals get us into trouble. We don’t keep them. We get into resentment and loss over the thing! “Oh, My!” 

So, what is the answer? I suggest you try these tools. 

Monique Guild is a Business Intuitive who “sees’ why a person’s career or business is stuck in neutral and what needs to happen to get the company going. Because of Monique’s extensive background in business, as well as in her private consultations, she has created the “Intuitive Goal” Workshop to help people set goals, to identify and work through personal blocks to achieving these goals, and to tune in to and follow their intuition. Monique teaches The “Intuitive Goal” Workshop to both corporations and private individuals. Monique is based in Los Angeles, travels widely lecturing to companies – teaching her clients about goal setting strategies. Also, she is a consultant to corporations in their hiring processes. Look for her upcoming book based on business intuition and intuitive goal strategies for career and financial success.