Major Obstacles, Major Success

How does a person go from…?

  • Being a mom, working part-time, running a multi-million dollar company, and owning that business?
  • Being a starving artist to working for one of the largest banks as a graphic artist?
  • Being an out-of-work actor to developing her show and pitching it to the Networks?

LISTEN AS: Susie, Clark, and Lyn Alicia discuss with Monique the tools she teaches in transforming obstacles like grief, resentment, and blame and how they used that stuck energy to catapult them into a new life by hearing how their intuition is guiding them. 

Learn the tools they used to:

  • Stop burning up time.
  • Determine how far their business could go.
  • Stop hemorrhaging cash.
  • Increase profits seemingly overnight
  • Invent and create what’s next.

Major Obstacles,
Major Success

After you’ve experienced this audio, you will have tools, a deeper understanding of the level at which Monique works, and a new way of approaching business. The effect this work has on life and business is astounding.


  • How far can my business go?
  • What are my true strengths?
  • What should I really be doing in your career?
  • Why do I feel so stuck?
  • What is my next step?

In this audio, explore Scientific Applications with Monique Guild and gain an understanding of how these truths helped her clients discover:

  • How their familial environment, dating back to their childhood, influenced their current circumstances.
  • Why and how their personal life affects their business life now.
  • How they were “Jumping Ship” on themselves and didn’t even recognize it.
  • Why the person who oversees/manages the product, project, or business affects outcomes.
  • Nothing is insurmountable.
  • As significant as the obstacle appears to be, it is as big as the opportunity for growth.

Most importantly, as long as you don’t quit, all of your experiences will somehow uplift and become a benefit to yourself and others.

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