Malibu Times 8/23/01

“”Oh, Hell! How Did I Get Here And What Do I Need To Do To Clean This Up And Prosper Now?!”


Monique Guild is a “business intuitive” who can assist you in changing your business future. Through her intuitive guidance she has the ability to unlock the mysteries of your business and career life.
In her no-nonsense, cut-to-the-chase style, Monique is able to “see” where a business is blocked and is able to provide insights that pinpoint the blocks that prevent people from living up to their highest business potential. She teaches people to set goals, work through their blocks, and tune in and trust their intuition to help them prosper.
Monique is currently authoring a book. She teaches two workshops, both privately and to businesses. “The Intuitive Goal Workshop” is based on setting goals, working through blocks like grief and resentment, and teaching people how to identify and trust their own intuition. She has also created a prosperity workshop, called “Oh Hell! How Did I Get Here and What Do I Need To Do To Clean This Up and Prosper Now?!”
In this workshop, clients write down how they “see” themselves prospering in eight different areas over the next eight weeks. She helps her clients see the importance of identifying distractions and cleaning up clutter, how inherited beliefs about money affects how prosperous we can be, and how words and thoughts create our experiences.
She teaches practical opportunities combined with spiritual laws.
Monique will be teaching starting September 8.
For more information or a free brochure, please visit her Web site, or call 310.459.9390.