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Expert in Global Partnerships

My teachings and what I do now, have expanded in ways that help people and companies develop and create/invent the unknown – take all their experiences, combine them, and create a product, for example, vitamins, foundations, books, TV show (one client is in development), etc.

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to get beyond a business dilemma. And there is exhilaration in leaping out of bed in the morning because you are so excited to start your day! I LOVE that feeling!

I’ve consulted with 1000’s of individuals and companies over the last 20 years and featured in The Los Angeles Times, The Satellite office of the Wall Street Journal in Norway and many other media venues over the years.

I LOVE ‘seeing’ what’s got a person, business, product, project stuck, ‘knowing’ what to do to turn it around and inventing WHAT’S NEXT? To feel that universal energy flow through me, delivering information, impart that to my clients and witness the results is an astounding feeling; I get to do it on a daily basis on so many levels!

Giving you as much information as I can to teach you and help you to achieve, overcome and resolve:


• Wealth Development

• What’s Next?

• Resolution of Internal Conflict W/n Family Businesses to Increase Productivity

• Political Campaigns

• Inventions

• Think Tanks

• Crisis Intervention

• Mediators, Consultants & Interventionists Unable To Resolve A Crisis

• Athletes Undermining Themselves & Unable To Determine The Cause And Provide A Resolution

• Partners Underperforming

• Possible Dissolution Of Partnerships

• Products Not Selling

• Multi-million dollar project hemorrhaging cash

• Identifying Repetitive Patterns and Identifying Immediate Solutions

• Deals Are Not Closing

I find as big as the ‘distraction’ is, is as big as the gift/outcome that’s waiting and needing to be delivered to the world, through the individual. When a person doesn’t know what to step into or how to expand(because they are chemically stuck in the past), they become blocked/distracted internally and or externally and it begins to affect their career.

Listen for a few minutes as I discuss these issues and what to do to begin to resolve them.

Happy listening!