Monique Guild's Experience with Partnerships and Family Businesses:

A great Partnership and Family Business means clarity, alignment, and taking responsibility. 

  • Mediated the partnership of a media buying firm that combines political campaign expertise with a Madison Avenue edge during the 2016 Presidential election.
  • Mediated the partnership of the most prominent El Salvadorian family, guiding the transition of the 3rd generation of coffee growers, sugarcane, hotels, and family businesses to the 4th generation, while chaos erupted when riot police were summoned.
  • Worked alongside the owner of Aardex, the world’s leading green, sustainable commercial builders, to identify the cause and solution of a multi-million-dollar failed hospital project.

The most potent things that break down a Partnership are dishonesty and resentment.

Navigating Partnerships and Family Businesses may be one of the most complex and challenging opportunities.

It is crucial that you are not only on the same page as your partners in the overall vision for the company but that you must also have the individual Intuitive Goals® that you want to tackle.

The first-hour initial consultation is when Monique’s Unique Technique precisely identifies and addresses the breakdown of the partnership. Meeting with each partner individually, she identifies precisely when and where the company began to falter, saving your business time and money.

  • Learn how intuition and thoughts influence outcomes and productivity
  • Gain clarity and fearlessness to thrive
  • Trust your gut and act
  • Embrace your limitless potential
  • Monique's disciplines promote your intuitive abilities
  • Achieve internal peace

A Testament To The Monique Guild Method

“My ten months of working with Monique Guild have proven hugely successful and satisfying. She taught and helped me develop incredibly valuable disciplines that seem amazingly simple but are enormously profound and relevant to our lives. Also, these disciplines promote the intuitive abilities we all have but not necessarily use or appreciate if not discovered and fostered.

Our minds can be incredibly destructive, if not harnessed. Likewise, our intuition and thoughts can influencing the outcome of events around us. Monique’s help has been enormous in my achieving internal peace, and albeit I cannot say I understand how, I am convinced that by intuitive thought one can influence events.

Monique is a fantastic teacher, business consultant and spiritual adviser that sincerely devotes her boundless energies and exceptional talent to help one succeed. I am afraid I am not conveying a good explanation of what it is that Monique does, but I can attest that she has made my businesses and life much happier and better through difficult family and business situations.”

-- Herbert De Sola, El Salvador (inaccurately linked to Mitt Romney, his brother Orlando De Sola, Bain Capital, and the death squads in El Salvador during Romney’s run for the Presidency).

Rick Butler, CEO Aardex
Testament to The Monique Guild Method.

Rick Butler, Commercial Developer and Former Owner of Aardex (largest, green, sustainable commercial developers in the world) spoke on Monique’s behalf to the WSJ, said this about Monique…

“Guild saved his company, Aardex, from being acquired by a lying investor. Butler admits that he regards her as “invaluable.”

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