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Major Obstacles,
Major Success

  • Get on track; stop wasting time and money.
  • Set Intuitive Goal®- your soul’s purpose goals to triple your income and expand your platform.
  • Clear up what is blocking you, and achieve success.
  • Identify how your intuition is guiding you.

Experience The World's Foremost Global Leading Intuitive Business Futurist® And Expert In Turnaround And Development Strategy From The Comfort Of Your Own Home Office.

Monque's Money Magnet Method


  • This uneasiness I feel – am I just off track?
  • Why are Intuitive Goals® important?
  • What is the impact if I don’t keep them? 
  • How do IG’s® affect the TEN areas of my personal and business life? Hint: your body is listening.
  • life?

Get into alignment anytime, anywhere with your Intuitive Goals®.

Proven Top Insights: Creating “What’s Next?”

  • Monique working with audience members
  • Embrace a new future!
  • Top insights for overcoming obstacles
  • Create “What’s Next?! 
  • Overcome your body’s history

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