Major Obstacles Major Success

How does a person go from…?

  • being a mom, working part-time to running a multi-million dollar company and having ownership in that business?
  • being a starving artist to working for one of the largest banks as a graphic artist?
  • being an out of work actor to developing her own show and pitching it to the Networks?

LISTEN AS: Susie, Clark and, Lyn Alicia discuss individually with Monique the tools she teaches in transforming obstacles like grief, resentment and blame and how they used that stuck energy to catapult them into a new life by hearing how their intuition is guiding them. Learn the tools they used to:

  • Get on track thereby; stopping the waste of time and money
  • Set Intuitive Goal™- their soul’s purpose goals to triple their income and expand their platform
  • Clear up what was blocking them to achieve success
  • Identify how their intuition is guiding them to an exciting future!


Monique Guild, Futurist, Business Intuitive, Turnaround, and Development Strategist

After you’ve experienced this audio, you will have tools, a deeper understanding of the level in which Monique works and a new way of approaching business. The effect this work has on life and business is astounding.


  • How far can my business go?
  • What are my true strengths?
  • What should I really be doing in your career?
  • Why do I feel so stuck?
  • What is my next step?



In this audio, explore Scientific Applications with Monique and gain an understanding of how these truths helped her clients discover:

  • How their familial environment, dating back to their childhood, influenced their current circumstances.
  • Why and how their personal life affects their business life now.
  • How they were “Jumping Ship” on themselves and didn’t even recognize it.
  • Why the person who oversees/manages the product, project or business has an effect on outcomes.
  • Nothing is insurmountable
  • As significant as the obstacle appears to be, is as big as the opportunity for growth  

Most importantly; as long as you don’t quit; all of your experiences will somehow uplift and become a benefit to yourself and others.

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Here‘s to your Intuitive Success!


Featured on NBC News, The Los Angeles Times, & Wall Street Journal DN Norway Monique’s become one of the greatest leading global experts in inventing the unknown and developing an entirely new platform in any industry.

With swift uncharacteristic precision and uncanny insight, she delivers spot-on diagnoses that result in optimum solutions and measurable financial results (view endorsements top and bottom of THIS page).

Monique’s no-nonsense style evaluates CEO’s, CFO’s, CMO’s and partners who work with organizations such as The World Economic Forum to Shanghai Disney among many others.

Issues that may perplex financial experts and consultants for years, Monique determines with lightning speed and accuracy, saving the company time and 100,000’s of thousands of dollars if not millions. From there she develops new platforms that cause a paradigm shift in the business resulting in an outstanding global impact. 

She not only saves the company time and money, but she also creates a new circumstance that expands the company neurologically; which is fiscally measurable.

“Working with Monique helped me unblock my potential and focus in on my goals. Monique taught me to own my decisions and charge after what I want in life. Before I knew it, I was achieving one of my long-sought-after dreams: an amazing new job in corporate social responsibility. — Isabel de Sola, Manager, World Economic Forum. 

Monique states, “I have an inherited ability. As a result of my familial environment; I received an accelerated education in reading people and events to determine what was next in navigating some very rough waters. It’s no mystery that I get to work with global leaders in most industries, political situations, and brilliant individuals. It’s in my blood, DNA, and neurological make-up.” — Monique Guild