“OH WOW! Prosperity Workkshop!”

OH WOW! Prosperity Now Workshop aka “Oh Hell! How Did I Get Here? And What Do I Need To Do To Clean This Up And Prosper Now?!!”™

“Monique is a gifted business consultant. She will teach you how to clear away what is blocking your business and focus on what increases profits.”

— John Gray, Ph. D., author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

Join Monique Guild in her 8-week THE PROSPERITY WORKSHOP, aka “Oh Hell! How Did I Get Here? And What Do I Need To Do To Clean This Up And Prosper Now?!!”™

Explore Scientific, practical applications combined with Spiritual Laws:

  • “SEE” for yourself how you would like to prosper over the next eight weeks in ten different areas
  • Discover the hidden distractions, which keep you from what you want to accomplish
  • Discover underlying feelings about money and how they may be holding you back from achieving what you want in your life
  • Clean out both external and internal areas in your life; creating a void for The Universe to fill it up with a future that you’re atomically in alignment
  • Study ancient prosperity laws; connecting with universal ethers daily, causing thoughts are in alignment with your greatest talents
  • “There’s a lot of internal and external clutter to suffocate the soul from receiving. In Monique’s workshop, the clutter gets cleared! The feeling is revitalizing, and the new space attracts fortunes unimagined!” Alina Sanderson, Art Director


11:00 am – 1:00 pm PST, 2:00pm – 4:00pm EST

$1350.00 for 8 weeks.

The one-hour consultation is a prerequisite to joining the workshop. 

If you are a former client and have NOT consulted with Monique in the last year, a one hour consultation is highly recommended.

Applying the information gained in the first-hour consultation; enables you to have better insight into setting your Intuitive Goals™ and puts you leap years ahead!

Explore with Monique, Scientific Applications and gain an understanding of:

  1. How your familial environment, dating back to childhood, influences your current circumstances.
  2. Why and how your personal life affects your business life now
  3. How you are “Jumping Ship” on yourself and don’t even recognize it.
  4. Why the person who oversees/manages the product, project or business affects outcomes.
  5. And how all of this helps to create a new outcome
  6. Nothing is insurmountable!

“I can’t tell which facet of Monique’s gifts amazes me more: her insight into business solutions or her one-on-one consulting.” — Mark Bryan, Co-Founder of The “Artist Way” workshops and author of the “Artist Way of Work.”

“Monique conducted a two-part mini-workshop for several employees in our medical group. The positive impact and changes that occurred after just one workshop were incredible! I can only imagine what participation in a full workshop would do for the individual and the company. The results would be powerful!” — Anna Wilson, Nurse Practitioner, Mulliken Medical Center

For more info and to reserve your spot call the office 310-614-0946 or email support@moniqueguild.com.