Uncover the Covered.
Figure out, the "unfiguroutable."™
-- with Monique Guild

Welcome to The Monique Guild Method. Where Consciousness + Science + Intuition = Future Reality Power NOW.

Monique will pinpoint what takes other consultants, advisers, and wealth management professional years to figure out in the first  hour. This saves time and money, allowing you to get out of the analysis and into the bottom line.

Everyone starts with an initial consultation. After the initial consultation, you and Monique will discuss the opportunity to retain her services for turnaround and business development – The Monique Guild Method.

Monique Guild is a Futurist, Turnaround, and Development Strategist. As one of the foremost global experts in transforming businesses to the next level, she uses her laser-sharp abilities to identify barriers to success intuitively. With precision insight, Monique delivers a spot-on diagnosis that results in optimum business solutions and measurable financial success.

Monique’s Unique Technique leverages her cutting-edge and no-nonsense style to:

  • evaluate you/your business/project;
  • pinpoint blocks; knows exactly what not to repeat;
  • resolve seemingly unsolvable business problems;
  • navigate and create the unknown;
  • expand and catapult your business to the next level.

Monique Guild works with individuals to CEO’S, CFO’s, Partners, and Owners. She then “rolls up” her sleeves navigating the waters and guiding key players, overcoming hurdles, and achieving the desired results.

Partnerships/Family Businesses:

A great Partnership and Family Business means clarity, alignment, and taking responsibility.

The most potent things that break down a Partnership are dishonesty and resentment.


Knowing how to detect distractions, avoiding the truth of who you are, catapults you to the next level.  The more significant the chaos that is surrounding the individual is an indication of the authentic gift is that needs to be delivered.


Learn what is keeping you in the same ‘thinking feedback loop’ without even knowing it. If you, your partners, your employees are distracted in some way, the hard-wiring that is causing these certain chemicals to flow becomes a powerful catalyst to expansion.


Monique played on two soccer teams in high and a semester of college soccer. She also is an avid snow skier, Western and English horseback rider.

Monique’s passion is working with high school students who embody enormous potential, but, for some reason, they have tripped themselves up. She gets to the bottom of it and gets them back on track.

Entertainment Industry:

Become both personally and professionally, a more peaceful and fully expressed person who is able to focus on what is possible. 

Achieve a lifelong dream of working with a marvelous team on a high caliber international project.  Become clearer on what your intuition is telling you, take inspired action and opening up to possibilities. 

"The Psychology of Money Is Your Chemical Makeup."

If your company is hemorrhaging cash, money is not moving; deals are not closing; you have no idea what the business should build next, you’ve come to the right place. 

What takes financial advisors months to figure out,  Monique will figure out what’s got your company, product, or project stuck within the first hour.

Monique Guild Endorsements.

About Monique

Monique Guild, CEO, and Founder of Intuitive Business Enterprises Inc., is one of the most significant global leaders in Turnaround and Development Strategy. As a Futurist and Visionary, Guild’s renowned expertise swiftly diagnoses you and your business with precision and uncanny insight, delivering spot-on diagnoses.

Guild’s expertise defines how to help individuals and companies to stop hemorrhaging cash and swiftly generate income.

Guild’s sixth sense has garnered her access to some of the most prestigious organizations and industries in the world.

 Guild’s expertise landed her on the cover of the METRO section of The Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, ABC, KTLA, numerous radio and television shows. 

Monique’s Services

Initial Assessment:

In the initial one-hour consultation, she evaluates you, your business and pinpoints blocks; delivering a diagnosis. Issues that may perplex business experts and consultants, she determines with lightning speed and accuracy, saving you time and money


Everyone starts with a one-hour consultation. After the initial consultation, you and Monique will discuss the opportunity to retain her services for business development – The Monique Guild Method.


 The Intuitive Goal™ Workshop (based on Monique’s upcoming book).  The one-hour initial consultation is a prerequisite to joining the Intuitive Goal™ Workshop. 

The Intuitive Goal™ Workshop (based on Monique’s upcoming book) – learn with other students via teleconference!

The one-hour consultation is a prerequisite to joining the Intuitive Goal™ Workshop. If you have NOT consulted with Monique in the last year, a one hour consultation is highly recommended. The information gained in the first-hour consultation is applied to setting the Intuitive Goals™ in the workshop.

“OH WOW! Prosperity Workshop!”

OH WOW! Prosperity Now Workshop aka “Oh Hell! How Did I Get Here? And What Do I Need To Do To Clean This Up And Prosper Now?!!”™

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