The Psychology of Money Is Your Chemical Makeup


  • A partnership is in trouble while it is heading up the media for one of the candidates during 2016 Presidential Election – it becomes about the money real quick.
  • One of the world’s most significant family partnerships of coffee growers, sugarcane, hotels, and condos are arguing so intensely, the riot police are called in; they have hired the top global consultants to help straighten things out, and NOTHING seems to be working, it becomes about the money real quick.
  • A once very successful actor, who was on the show ER for 14 years, hasn’t worked in way TOO longit becomes about the money real quick.
  • One of the partners of the largest green commercial sustainable builders in the world is $400,000 in debt to the company is about to be fired, and he has a considerable overhead and family to feed, it becomes about the money real quick.


  • Clarity and fearlessness to thrive.
  • Trust your gut.
  • Embrace the possibility that your potential is limitless.
  • Discipline promotes the intuitive abilities you have.
  • Achieve internal peace.
Stop hemorrhaging cash, money is moving, deals are closing, take that risk.

The problem is that you get neurologically hard-wired to "THAT" experience, and this is something that may have started in childhood.

Using Monique's Method, you will learn how and why it's the personal stuff that gets the number stuff blocked. It is time to learn identifying when you make decisions based on a chemical rather than a knowing and an intuitive hit, and Monique will show show you how.

When a person experiences the effect of situations, Those Experiences form neuro-nets in the brain.

Once these set of circumstances are no longer relevant, those neuro-nets are still hard-wired because the body is used to the chemicals that flowed as a result of this past thinking. What do numbers tell me?

1) Lack of clarity with numbers results in a lack of transparency across the board in business.

2) When you avoid the numbers, things in your life and business get avoided – in other words, you attract ‘avoidance’ in your business, resulting in the loss of opportunities.

3) People pleasing, care taking of your business, associates that are not holding up their end of the bargain, somewhere there will be debt – and it can be the kind of debt associated with the descriptions above.

4) Monique finds that if an individual, business or company has stopped growing, inventing, and creating new platforms, personally as well as, professionally, the numbers get stuck.

DISTRACTION (in particular with relationships) IS A DEBT – TO YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS. That distraction, whether personal or professional, may appear in the form of ‘hiding behind someone,’ obsessing about a partner, arguing, take care of, or not being truthful with who you are and your intentions.

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