The Intuitive Goal® Workshop with Monique Guild


One summer years ago, I promised myself to travel across America and film a documentary. The summer began to pass, and I soon forgot the original promise to myself of my adventure. I felt restless with a sense of unease that I couldn’t quite name.

One night, it came to a head when I got into a disagreement with a friend. Though I didn’t realize it at the time, I was creating drama with him to take the focus off myself and my restlessness.

I remember his final words to me: “Monique, you know better than this. Let’s let this go. I am not going down this path with you!”

At that moment, I felt humiliated that someone had to remind me that I knew better and that there was something meaningful I was avoiding. Then I remembered: What about my documentary, Intuitive Goals®.

The Intuitive Goals® workshop will teach you…

    • How to identify and trust your intuition. 
    • Discover the blocks to hearing how you are guided and get rid of them.
    • Leap over obstacles by downloading from an unknown future.
    • Allow your intuition always to be your true north and how to trust it.
    • Learn how to tap into it when you need it most.
    • How to get specific when you are setting your Intuitive Goals®.
    • By identifying how your intuition guides you, your Intuitive Goals® help, you call forth a different timeline.
    • Become neurologically and chemically addicted to the unknown by overriding your familial chemistry.
    • Be on your Intuitive Goal Soul Track. 

Testimonials From Monique Guild's Intuitive Goal® Workshop.

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"After taking Monique's workshop - I feel like a new woman. The light I lost a year ago has been restored due to Monique's unique gifts."
-- Sandie Barba, Realtor

“I saw Monique during a highly transitional time in my life. With Monique’s guidance I learned invaluable life lessons, like letting go of resentment, grieving in a positive constructive way and listening to my inner voice. She helped me to get unstuck and live my life’s vision. I would recommend her to anyone who has no idea what his or her next step is in business. She’ll help you to see how you are blocked, hot to get unstuck and move forward in the career that sings to your heart!”
-- Chris Wallace, Writer

"Monique Guild is a talented guide to improving your future by examining your professional and personal strengths and weaknesses. She is adept at identifying key areas that block achievement of your goals. Monique helps you develop your own alternatives and solutions that free you to move confidently into the future."
-- Patricia Pelletier, Elementary Principal, College Instructor

Testimonials From Monique Guild's Intuitive Goal™ Workshop

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“Monique’s worldly experience matched with an innate intuition that is helping me find my way. She is a gifted and caring individual.”
-- Lisa Hernandez, Marketing

“Thanks to Monique’s fabulous guidance and insight, I am learning how to hear and follow my “inner voice”. I am able to set personal and professional goals that resonate for me very strongly as a result of following my own inner wisdom. I find working with Monique very empowering - she is teaching me how to listen to and trust my instincts.”
-- Laura Carson, Actress

“After meeting with Monique Guild and taking her workshop, I left feeling this incredible sense of peace and tranquility about knowing that I am truly in control of my future. Monique Guild helped me see my life's events and beliefs on a whole new level. My awareness was heightened and my ability to connect all the synchronicities lead to accessing the abundant flow that, the universe wants to give me. She helped me connect to my soul and experience myself on an intimate level.”
--Yvonne Gensurowsky, Designer for Television and Entertainment Projects

"After taking Monique's workshop - I feel like a new woman. The light I lost a year ago has been restored due to Monique's unique gifts."
-- Sandie Barba, Realtor

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