Initial Consultation

Monique Guild's Unique Technique Revealed. THE PROCESS:

What takes other consultants, advisers, and wealth management professional years to figure out, Monique will pinpoint in the first hour, allowing you the opportunity to get out of the analysis and chaos, and into the bottom line.

The first-hour initial consultation is when Monique’s Unique Technique precisely identifies and addressees the break down. Meeting with each partner individually, she identifies precisely when and where the company began to falter, saving your businesses time and money.

Monique Guild, named the “Best Futurist, Turnaround and Development Strategist” by CEO’s and clients worldwide, provides business advancement and expansion at lightning speed.

Monique Guild

  • Monique Guild, touted on cover of the METRO section of  The Los Angeles Times as the "Bubbly Sherlock Holmes."

  • Featured in DN, The Wall Street Journal - Norwegian Edition.

  • Featured on KTLA, ABC, NBC.

  • Director, Interviewer, and Creator of the Prestigious Business Symposium for the Conscious Life Expo.


Monique Guild's Expertise:

  • National Athletes Undermine/Block Careers
  • New Business Development
  • Mergers/Partnerships
  • Mapping Business Futures

Monique Guild's Expertise:

  • Political Campaign Mojo
  • Loss of Revenue
  • Mediators Unable to Resolve Crisis
  • Deals Not Closing Products Not Selling

Monique Guild's Expertise:

  • Helping individuals who have once had wealth, lost it, and need to rebuild. 
  • Strategic Business Insights
  • Partners Dissolution
  • Think Tanks

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