Monique's Unique Technique


Beyond Conventional Wisdom

Listening to your instinct and intuition allows you to move and perform calculations on the “highest plane.”

If you are not using these abilities, you will not live up to your fullest potential in life or business.

Monique Guild, Intuitive Business Futurist®, is one of the foremost leading global experts in Turnaround and Development Strategy. Touted in The Los Angeles Times as a “Bubbly Sherlock Holmes,” she uncovers what is covered by figuring out the “Unfigureoutable®” in lightning speed, saving you and your business time and money.

Guild’s strength is in turning around ANY problematic business situation.

You will experience Monique’s Unique Technique in the first one-hour initial consultation. This is where she leverages her unique inherited ability and sixth sense to determine what’s caused a business, product, or project to become stuck, thereby catapulting your business to the next level.

Everyone starts with a one-hour consultation. This first hour is foundational to The Monique Guild Method and Monique’s workshops.

Guild leverages her cutting-edge Technique and no-nonsense style to:

  • evaluate you/your business/project;
  • pinpoint blocks; knowing exactly what not to repeat;
  • resolve seemingly unsolvable business dilemma’s;
  • as a Futurist, she has the know-how to help you navigate the unknown;
  • results in expansion and catapulting your business to the next level.

Once you’ve completed your initial consultation with Monique, the next step is The Monique Guild Method. Here she will get into the back-end of your company as you navigate a new future power NOW.

To understand more, read Monique’s article “The Psychology of Money, Is Just Your Chemical Make-up,” CLICK HERE. 

Schedule Your Initial Consultation. Get answers and a road map to seemingly "unfigureoutable®" problems with Monique's Unique Technique.