Monique Guild's work includes clients, organizations, and countries in and around:

  • United Nations Chemical Warfare Dept.
  • World Economic Forum – General Council of Weapons of Mass Destruction Organized Crime, Terrorism.
  • 2016 Presidential Election.
  • El Salvador and The Mitt Romney Campaign. 
  • Syria(in preparation for a conversation with the United Nations Chemical Warfare Dept. after the first bombs dropped in Syria.)
  • Did you know that it was a woman to first assessed the situation in Syria?

BENEFITS of The Monique Guild Method:

  • Clarity and fearlessness to thrive
  • Establish your Intuitive Goals®
  • Embrace that there is no limit to your potential
  • Develop incredibly valuable disciplines that promote your intuitive abilities
  • Achieve internal peace

What is it about people that want to serve and help their community and humanity?

I love the dynamics and intricacies of politics. I love helping my clients stay focused while they create a better world and work for the good of humanity. It feels incredible to know that what I teach them also reaches all the lives they touch.

I know one thing for sure, people whom I get to call my clients are driven, have a calling that is beyond themselves, and are nothing short of miraculous. 

It is not an easy job. These people continue to put their lives aside and constantly think, “What is for the greater good?” For this, I admire them deeply.

Experiences with The Monique Guild Method
A Testament to The Monique Guild Method

“Monique’s method gave me the clarity and fearlessness to not only address profound personal struggles and professional challenges but to survive and thrive. The tools she imparts taught me to identify why and what are my Intuitive Goals™ and to maintain a steely focus to achieve my future reality. I was repeatedly astonished as I experienced it over and over until I trusted myself and my intuition. Life is a blank page that is continually being written & rewritten and Monique’s steps help expand your world to accept that there is no limit to our potential. So, step into it and start creating!”

-- Carole Mundy, Media Consultant, 2016 Presidential Election

It is crucial to address your "undercurrent energy."

1) The “undercurrent energy” people sense from candidates must be in alignment with who they authentically ARE.

2) Our undercurrent energy is so powerful- it attracts people, places, events, and circumstances into a person’s life.

3) To redirect and transform that energy into the creation of a future reality as opposed to destruction by lack of integrity is a disservice to yourself that can be addictive.

4) That energy is atomic energy. Once a person addresses that undercurrent nuclear energy, which is their point of attraction, the circumstances change dramatically. Wherever the power is directed, it’s explosive. If we allow ourselves to channel the energy creatively it is a powerful tool – the sky is the limit. If not addressed and instead left covered up – it’s the undoing of the person and their business’s vision.

World Economic Forum 4 jpeg
A Testament to The Monique Guild Method

"Working with Monique helped me unblock my potential and focus in on my goals. Monique taught me to own my decisions and charge after what I want in life. Before I knew it, I was achieving one of my long-sought after dreams: an amazing new job in corporate social responsibility."

-- Isabel de Sola, Manager, World Economic Forum, General Counsel of Weapons of Mass Destruction, Organized Crime, Genetics, and Migration

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