Developers/Real Estate

Monique Guild's Experience with Developers and All things Real Estate.

  • Advised the owner of Aardex, the world’s leading green, sustainable commercial builder, to identify the cause and the solution of a multi-million-dollar failed hospital project.
  • Advised the President of Alpine Development Group, who developed the world-renown Coachella Valley, in many of his endeavors. 
  • Worked with the owner of Alpine Development Group, sued numerous times by his employees. Monique devised a system with the V.P. of the Home Development Department and the V.P. of the Land Acquisition department to hire new potential employees. After speaking with new potential employees, Guild then reported back to the owner of her findings.
  • Assisted a partner of the world’s largest green commercial sustainable builders who was $400,000 in debt to the company, about to be fired, and had a considerable overhead.
  • Mediated the partnership of the most prominent El Salvadorian family, guiding the transition of the 3rd generation of coffee growers, sugarcane, hotels, and family businesses to the 4th generation, amid chaos while summing the riot police.
  • Guild supported a Local Artist who became the lead Paint Specialist 2 years before Shanghai Disney’s opening.

  • Develop a plan of action from precision insight.
  • Clarity and fearlessness to thrive.
  • Learn to focus on possibility, rather than risk, boosting productivity both personally and professionally.
  • Embrace limitless potential.
  • Identify and utilize the intuitive abilities you possess.
  • Achieve internal peace.
  • Developers Create New Realities for Their Communities.

    The more solvent and lucrative a business is, the more the owner and its partners can be creative. Moreover, if it is all managed well, these individuals are freer to be who they are and give more in the areas they are most passionate about.

    A Testament To The Monique Guild Method Diego De Sola
    A Testament to The Monique Guild Method

    "In times of crisis and unprecedented volatility, Monique is especially helpful in urging us to focus on the possibilities rather than the risk, and this boosts our productivity both personally and professionally."

    -- Diego de Sola CEO, Inversiones Boliva President, Glasswing International (youngest most prominent Central American leader.)

    Diego brings over 20 years of experience in the private sector, both in the United States and Central America. He is currently CEO of Inversiones Bolivar, a 50-year-old regional real estate development firm.

    Rick Butler, CEO Aardex
    A Testament to The Monique Guild Method

    Rick Butler, Commercial Developer and Former Owner of Aardex (largest, green, sustainable commercial developer in the world), spoke on Monique’s behalf to the WSJ and said this about Monique…

    “Guild saved his company, Aardex, from being acquired by a lying investor. Butler admits that he regards her as “invaluable.”

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