“Monique’s method gave me the clarity and fearlessness to not only address profound personal struggles and professional challenges but to survive and thrive. 

The tools she imparts taught me to identify why and what are my Intuitive Goals and to maintain a steely focus to achieve my future reality.  I was repeatedly astonished as I experienced it over and over until I trusted myself and my intuition.  Life is a blank page that is constantly being written & rewritten and Monique’s steps help expand your world to accept that there is no limit to our potential.  So step into it and start creating!”

-- Carole Mundy, Media Placement(media consultant for the Democratic Party during the 2016 Presidential Election)

“My ten months working with Monique Guild have proven greatly successful and satisfying. Through constant consultation and telephone conversation she taught and helped me develop incredibly valuable disciplines that seem very simple but are enormously profound and relevant for our lives. Also, these disciplines promote the intuitive abilities we all have but not necessarily use or appreciate if not discovered and fostered. Our own minds can be extremely destructive if not harnessed, likewise our intuition and thoughts are capable of influencing the outcome of events around us.

 Monique’s advice has been enormous in my achieving internal peace, and albeit I cannot say I understand how, I am convinced that by intuitive thought one has the ability to influence events. Monique is a fantastic teacher and spiritual adviser that sincerely devotes her limitless energies and special talent to help one succeed. I am afraid I am not conveying a good explanation of what it is that Monique does, but I can attest that she has made my life much happier and better through difficult family and business situations.”

-- Herbert De Sola, El Salvador(brother of Orlando De Sola, who was linked to Mitt Romney and Bain Capital during Romney’s run for presidency)

“By making me focus on ten different aspects of my life Monique helped me develop a much more balanced approach to life. Success in one area bred confidence and success in other areas. Throughout this process, Monique stood for a greater goal and didn’t let me settle for less.”

-- Nadia Zilkha Wellisz, Owner of Laetitia Wines.

“I say ‘hurray’ for any business person who seeks out Monique’s special gifts – listen to her. She can help! As we go through life, we meet all kinds of people, some connected and some sadly disconnected to spirit… Monique is connected to spirit in ways too numerous to mention. Monique is a person of integrity and she shares her gifts with true humility.”

-- Tony Denison, actor Major Crimes, The Closer

“Working with Monique jump started my career! I was in a dream state about what I wanted to accomplish, and she put me right there. Monique teaches you how to make your dreams a reality. My ability to listen to my true authentic self has helped me to have the confidence I was lacking. Thank you, Monique! You are so gifted, and I can’t wait to work with you soon!”

--Vicki Keros, owner, Vicki Keros Interiors. (A Real Estate Staging and Interior Design Business)

“One of the pleasures of working with Monique is I found she activates my own intuition by moving my mind up to a clear level… Simply put, she is brilliant…and effective – and makes her clients considerably more effective.”

-- Jay Levin Founder, LA Weekly

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