The Monique Guild Method


Leveling Up By Seeing Beyond What Appears To Be.

From the information gained in the initial consultation, Guild manipulates a person’s energy field by identifying and attaching a person’s neurology to a future chemically and neurologically.

Guild then “teaches you how to fish” by relinquishing your chemicals of the past.

The Monique Guild Method pinpoints precisely what caused a product, project, or business to become stuck and how to turn a profit. 

“This ability and I have worked with some of the most intricate cases in the world, saving them time and millions.” – Monique Guild.

Innovation that excites.

Guild’s strength is in turning around problematic situations, developing businesses, taking moderately successful companies, and increasing their revenue.     

In four-month increments, clients become more resilient, more confident, and more centered.

Armed with a perfect body of self-knowledge, clients find themselves:

  • Performing beyond what thought impossible.
  • Know the elements needed for success and implementing them to achieve results.
  • Precise insight into business solutions.
  • Focusing on possibilities rather than risk, boosting productivity both personally as well as professionally.

The Monique Guild Method begins once you have completed your initial consultation with Monique. Here she will get into the backend of your company as you navigate a new future power now. 

To understand more, read Monique’s article “The Psychology of Money, Is Just Your Chemical Make-up,” CLICK HERE.

Monique wants to know your numbers. 

This way, success is measurable, neurologically, and numerically.

YOU ARE READY to take it to the next level with the RETAINER - The Monique Guild Method.