Monique’s History

“If you have a dream…if it is truly your desire, truly in your heart more than anything else, I believe it is meant to come to fruition…. We must trust and have faith and no matter what, don’t give up and keep moving forward!”

                                                                             — Monique Guild


Monique is familiar with uncovering what is “covered,” figuring out the “Unfigureoutable®,” and seeing into situations beyond what appears to be.

To Catch You Up To Speed – A Quick Story About Background:

  • Monique’s Stepfather, Dr. Joseph Beasley, was a Dean at Tulane University in Tropical Medicine. Through his Foundation, The Family Health Foundation, he helped women and children worldwide with birth control and pregnancies. He was also backed by the Ford and Kellogg Foundations.
  • He was also, inevitably, indicted by the Federal Government for embezzlement. His case became one of Louisiana’s TOP FOUR federal cases, which is nearly impossible because of the corruption there. It’s been well documented.
  • Her family was followed by the FBI and CIA for 1 ½ as a kid because of her stepfather and his Federal Case.
  • The Media and everyone knew about their family affairs for 1 1/2 years.
  • Monique HAD to size up and identify the good guys from the bad guys by the time she was about 9, not to be hurt.
  • Her mom kicked her out of the house when She was 10.  Monique walked across the street to the bar and made a collect call from the payphone to her Dad. He called a cab to pick Monique up, and that’s how she moved in with him.
  • Guild testified against her mom when she was about 11. They had no problem. In Louisiana, it is impossible to prove a mother unfit because of the Napoleonic Code.
  • Monique managed to stay safe due to her evolved intuition and street smarts. She turned her stepfather in at about the same age for hurting people. 

Her business started percolating around 1994ish after being hired to work with two of the most challenging personalities in the business world.

The first was Jeffrey Ullman, who created the most successful Video Dating Service, Great Expectations. Jeffrey was Guild’s direct boss in the Corporate office in Encino, Ca. You may remember the mailer with the heart on it. 

Jeffrey was written up in The Los Angeles Times as one of the most challenging people you could work for in Los Angeles. 

The title of this article is “Love God From Hell: The Man Who Brought You Vide Dating Hates to Date, Loves to Taunt, and Has Himself Been Unlucky in Love. Would You Buy a Relationship From Jeffrey Ullman?”

Monique Guild was the National Director of Success Stories and oversaw 43 centers nationwide. What she created in the Corporate office affected the centers across the nation. 

When she arrived at GE, the Company, her department was in hot water, and so was GE. The Company needed to prove its statistical claims of success stories. Within three months, Monique completed the job. The Los Angeles Times found out about Monique’s work, and she was featured on the cover of the METRO Section of The Los Angeles Times.

After working for GE, Monique was hired by MacLaine Enterprises. The second person Shirley MacLaine may be spiritually based, but her intimidation factor is equally out of this world – she will nail you to the wall with a look. Monique’s seen grown men break out in sweat through their business suits while in her presence.

Born highly intuitive, raised in an environment where those abilities got seriously exercised.

Monique’s intuitive abilities are inherited from her Dad and her paternal grandmother. Her father “read his patients” before they walked in the door and other people. It wasn’t unusual for Monique and her father to have coffee at a coffee shop, and her Dad would ask the person next to them, “How is your artwork coming along?” has never met the person, the woman would reply, “How did you know I am an artist?”

Her Grandmother’s WORD (her real name) often knew future events. She canceled a plane trip the night before all of the cousins, including Monique, were boarding to NYC, and that plane crashed, and everyone died.

Followed by The Federal Government Spies.

Her intuitive abilities kept her safe, helped her identify the good guys from the bad guys, navigate the FBI and the CIA, and turn in “bad people.”

Part of Monique’s upbringing involved her stepfather, a world-renowned Doctor back by the Kellogg and Ford Foundation and nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize during the Nixon Administration. He created a foundation and eventually was indicted by the Federal Government. 

It wasn’t unusual for Monique and her family to be followed by Federal agents. The case became one of the top 4 Federal Cases in Louisiana, which is quite a feat to accomplish, as Louisiana always seems to be vying for position on who can be the most corrupt politicians. 

A New Journey, Changed the Course of her life.

Monique’s nationwide accomplishments caught the eye of MacLaine Enterprises. She was hired as one of the key liaison for Shirley MacLaine, her agent and  publicist for books, shows, and movies.

After a one-year stint with Mac Laine Enterprises, Monique accepted a position with Film and TV Director Mark Travis, the creator of the film “A Bronx Tale.” 

It was Travis who said, “Monique, you have an amazing gift and ability to ‘see’ and zero in or people and their businesses, you have to take this to the next level.”

Major Obstacles, Major Success.

With Monique’s achievements in the Entertainment Industry and her business, she has married the two by starting her production company, Hotwalker Productions.

Her first project is a documentary that she directed, filmed, and produced (while traveling with her two dogs) across the nation titled 6,150. While filming, she caught the attention of media across the country including, NBC News.

Conversations with Monique Guild.

Conversations with Monique Guild includes shows with Monique and her guest, whose central theme demonstrates how a person thinks to go from major obstacles to major success.

She discusses with world-renowned people have overcome enormous obstacles and achieved tremendous success, including Dr. John Gray, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Anne-Marie Bennstom, who founded the Ashram.

Coming soon… The Monique Guild Institute presents: HAVE YOU EVER ASKED YOURSELF...?

Realizing that so many other people might need that guidance and not know where to seek it? I knew I was on to something.

I believe that the more we go within and hear our “inside” selves … whether it comes from meditation, journaling, or it seems like we get a sign from the universe … we pay attention.

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