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Monique Guild is an internationally recognized Futurist, Turnaround and Development strategist, writer, and sought after speaker. Drawing on her years as an actress and corporate executive, along with the background that is not for the faint of heart, she connects with audiences on a real level.

Monique’s story is very relatable. She speaks from a place of overcoming major obstacles to achieve major success in her own life. She teaches the importance of learning how not to determine your next move from the outside world, but to learn how to go within, hear how your intuitive voice is guiding you, and taking actions that catapult your life and business to the next level.

Monique engages audiences with her sense of humor, insight, and an attitude that your seemingly biggest obstacles become your greatest gift.

Getting kicked out of the house and put on the street when she was ten years old by her mother, she learned to problem solve at a very early age. Her insight into humanity and the message that she delivers is that what may appear to be the worst set of circumstances, may become your biggest blessings.

She helps you to connect the dots.

Engaging Monique as a speaker not only catapults each individual’s life but the company as a whole.

By raising the consciousness of each individual she teaches you how to see things from a fresh perspective.

Program/Speech Outlines:

· Why We Give Up On Our New Year’s Resolutions?
· How To Identify and Overcome Blocks
· Healing Grief and Resentment
· Negative Thinking Is A Habit
· We Are either In Faith, Or In Fear

· Grief
· Empowerment
· Intuitive Goal™ Setting

Monique Guild, Director, Creator, Interviewer of The Business Symposium.

Listen to Monique Guild's Keynote on Proven Top Insights in Creating “What’s Next?”

  • Experience Monique Guild working with audience members.
  • Embrace a new future!
  • Top insights for overcoming obstacles.
  • Create “What’s Next?! 
  • Overcome your body’s history.
"I can't tell which facet of Monique’s gifts amazes me more: her insight into business solutions, her one-on-one coaching or her ability as a Keynote Speaker."
-- Mark Bryan, Co-Founder of the Artist Way workshops and author of the Artist Way of Work
“Monique’s keynote and one-on-one sessions are powerful tools that help me get on track. Through her insight and guidance, I was able to ‘clean house’ emotionally, which in turn allowed me to see my career and personal goals more clearly.”
Mary Williams, Producer
"Monique was a Keynote Speaker and conducted a two-part mini-workshop for several employees in our medical group. The positive impact and changes that occurred after just one weekend workshop was incredible! I can only imagine what participation in a complete workshop would do for the individual and the company. The results would be powerful!"
-- Anna Wilson, Nurse Practitioner, Mulliken Medical Center

Women of the Creative and Healing Arts

“Monique Guild was a guest Keynote Speaker at the monthly meeting of the Women of the Creative and Healing Arts networking group.

Monique shared with us the story of her journey to her career. She was highly engaging and energetic in her presentation, involving us in the process of how she found her true calling. In her talk she also shared interesting anecdotes about people whose lives had been positively influenced by her work.

The group enjoyed Monique’s presentation very much and had many questions to ask her following her talk. She is warm, enthusiastic and connected with her audience when she speaks. We look forward to having her speak to us again in the future.” — Hari Bhajan K. Khalsa




Prudential John Aaroe Realators

Dear Monique,

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for being our Keynote Speaker at our sales meeting. As I mentioned to you, real estate agents are a unique breed of people, and sometimes they are challenging to get through to! However, based on the comments and the feedback, you did it!

I know as a whole, my office benefited from your presentation and discussion, which will eventually benefit me.

I also understand that you are now working with several of my agents, one on one. Please keep me posted as they progress, and I will pass on all feedback that I hear.

Once again, my sincere thanks and best wishes in all your endeavors!

Sincerely, Michael Williamson, John Aaroe Prudential, Sales Manager

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